UK Screenshots for Pre BR Blue. High resolution warning.

More from my fictional route

Nice shots all.

A few from the end of a fictitious branch I'm working on.

Shunting at Shawell, the penultimate station on the branch, where there are interchange sidings for Kilworth Colliery

Pick goods arriving at Walcote

Shunting milk tankers back accross the canal to the dairy.

Dropping a Rectank against the loading dock.
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Pines Express

Nice pics heres a few from me.
Of the Pines Express headed by West country 34045 Ottery St Mary ON THE 21/06/1960 and 34021 Dartmoor on the 01/07/1960 both are being piloted by Ex-LMS 2p 40700.

Here we see the Pines Express on the 21st just past Midsomer Norton with a Jinty coming down from the mines just out side Midsomer Norton.

Here we see on the 1st the Pines coming out of the 32 yard Cilcompton tunnel.

Here we see the pines crossing the viaduct just north of Cilcompton station.

Finally picture is the pines express crossing the A37 and heading on towards masbury summit.
You might want to sort out that road!

and if it was 1960, why do I spot an early crest?

:p :p :D
Hay pellet.
On the S and D it was quiet common to see that. I have footage of two 7f one with an early crest on with late crest about the same period.
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The SDJR around Radstock

Nice shots everyone.

Here some from the SDJR.

Ex-GWR Manor heads north from Radstock west towards bristol crossing the viaduct over the river.

Standard 4 tank 80043 heads south on a saturadays only local train from bath the Templecombe.

Here we see a small Industrial garrat heading up into radstock yard with a small seat of empty coal wagons. Just behind can be seen the SDJR main line and of in the distance is the Ex-GWR line to Bristol.

9F Evening Star race through pulling the Pines Express back to Bath.
Here is one more from me tonight.

A little NG Industrial loco runs underneath the Ex-GWR Line with a coal train. As 1450 runs over with it late night auto train for Yatton.
that is the correct answer, I know its ment to be a steam roller but as of yet there is no drivable steam roller for trainz, and yet we have darleks and the like :confused: but yep that is the Titfield Thunderbolt, when the Train is on its first run with the new owners and as you said Pearce and Crump's bus service trys to disrupt the tain with a lorry full of bricks which 1401 shunts out of the way with ease, then Harry Hawkins (Sid James) and his steam roller are called into a duel with the train. (which they lose btw with the train pushing the steam roller out of the way) :D:D I don't watch that movie too much:eek:

but whilst we are on the subject does anyone know the identity of the Bullied West Country light pacific seen on the opening scene of the film passing over the bridge on the S&DJR at Midford?
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