TRS22 Retail Beta update - PC Only 121895


As we gear up to release HD Terrain on Trainz Plus, we have prepared a new TRS22 Retail Beta build that will support the new Trainz format 5.3. This will allow TRS22 users to load HD Routes in a compatibility mode as well as any non-HD routes using the new file format.

You will be prompted with Trainz Performance Configuration to select a default preset configuration when upgrading from 119451. This is due changes made with shaders and shadow settings.

There has been several changes made to the User Interface & Water Effects Layers and further details can be found here:

As usual, we encourage you to try things out with a fresh install first and then work towards more extensive testing using your unique installed content.

You can report any bugs using this link:

Key Features:

  • Increase in Maximum Draw Distance new limit of 22,000m
  • GPU Clutter Enabled
  • New User Interfaces
  • Compatibility Mode for HD Routes
  • Support for latest file format 5.3
  • Water Effect Layers include options for water color

Change log from 119451 to 121895:

  • Removal of Main Shadow Resolution
    • Now based on Shadow Quality settings
  • Water Effect Layer
    • Option to set Water Effect Layer color can be found in the Advanced Options of the Effect Layer
    • Multiple Water Effect Layers can be used, each with their own assigned colour.
  • Implementation of GPU Clutter
  • New Driver Properties Windows
    • Track Path Display while Properties window open
    • Interface rework for Driver Properties
    • New Driver Mini Map
    • Active Driver now marked by a blue background
  • Support for 5.3 File format
  • Compatibility Mode for HD Routes
    • TRS22 Users will be able to Drive HD Routes
    • TRS22 Users will be able to perform non-ground edits for HD Routes (adding Track/Scenery Assets/Trainz/etc.)
    • TRS22 Users will be unable to perform ground edits on HD Routes (Trainz Plus feature only – Adjusting ground height or texture changes)
    • TRS22 Users will be able to covert HD routes to 5m to perform ground edits.

Effect Layers:

  • Implementation of GPU Clutter for smoother performance.
  • Water effect layers now support water color changes

User Interface Changes:

  • New Driver Properties Window
  • New Driver Settings, Driver location, Player Assignment, Dispatch Status, Command status, Activity log
  • Active Loco will now appear blue background in Drivers Window
  • Active Driver marked by blue background on Driver Palette
  • Vehicle Properties Window updated with new properties as per Driver
  • Track Path Display when opening Driver Properties & valid destination
  • New Driver MiniMap (found in Driver Properties Window)
  • Industry commodities and processes now editable in Driver
    • Certain Industries only – Script dependant

Important Information:

  • HD Terrain is only editable in S20 (this is a Trainz Plus Only feature)
  • New User Interface Detail windows and logs
  • Due to recent shader and shadow changes, you will be prompted with a Trainz Performance Configuration after update.

Known Issues:

  • Assertion Errors are enabled for this build. Trainz will pause until Assertion Errors are closed. Users can select Continue and Ignore Errors. (Reporting when these occur with bugs will help with troubleshooting)
  • DLC packages will report a failure to download precache data. Clicking retry will ignore the error and proceed to complete installation
  • DLC Packages will report a precache assertion error during database rebuild. Select Continue and Ignore Errors
  • Cursor appears red when selecting a texture using Paint Tool
  • MPS is unsupported for this build
  • Water Effect layer does not work with colour from skybox, but instead has its own color options, now allowing for different water colors for each individual Water Effect Layer.
  • HD Routes will require shaders to be built on first load in this build
    • HD Baseboards may appear transparent for a few minutes on initial loading of a HD Route while this process is performed

** Please ensure you have a backup of your local data folder before using it with TRS22 Beta **


For TRS22 Beta (Live) via the TRS22 Beta Stream
PC Trainz Store Only:
Requires build 119451 (PC). This is a major patch 9.7 GiB to build 121895
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What about the steam version of the game?

They normally do not release betas for Steam as the Steam software system (or so I have been led to believe) does not support them, or makes it very difficult to do so. When the new (SP2???) retail release of TRS22 (or any new Trainz SP retail update) has occurred, the Steam version normally follows shortly afterwards. At least based on my observations of past releases.
As far as I remember, betas were released there, but then they just stopped

I seem to recall Tony or someone from N3V mentioning this. Something along the lines of - devoting time and effort to produce betas specifically for Steam takes away resources from the development process. Plus, the number of steam users, while significant, is much smaller than the number of users for the retail and subscription versions. Its simply a fact of numbers, time and resources.

A lot of the development work also goes into Trainz Plus which, I believe, is not available through Steam (but I am uncertain on that point).
N3V did an experiment with the TRS19 SP3 beta - they did a Steam version for the retail build but my guess since it was such a pain they decided to not do it again as there wasn't any SP4 betas, SP5 betas, etc.

Both TRS22 and Trainz Plus on the subscription model are available through Steam and frankly I would be amazed if the Steam user base isn't larger than the direct from N3V user base. Steam has no problem supporting beta versions except for the fact that you can only have one version installed at any time. So you can have the retail version or a beta version but not both. Tony did say that he believes that the number of users willing to use a beta version is not worth the effort to compile a Steam version of every new beta build. Remember beta builds are for getting bug reports that lead to bugs being fixed. Allowing users to play with new features is a lesser priority.
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It turns out that Steam users buy an annual subscription, and for this year they can receive a maximum of one patch, or even nothing at all.
I am having an issue with this version, it seems that the AI drivers do not release the junctions anymore upon conflict with other AI drivers? In the past usually after a certain time the AI driver would release the junction its locking to allow another movement to proceed (for example on a single line). Now they just keep junctions locked and wait indefinitely?
Check in Session Options
Restart Stuck AI - Enabled/Disabled

Sanek -the BIG update (HD terrain) is about to drop for all Trainz Plus members (there will be a short Trainz Plus beta test first) and the next update is already in final internal testing, so that update won't be far behind. We also expect at least one more update this year for MPS.
It has taken us much longer to tweak the HD terrain settings than expected to ensure everything is working as well as possible, but I think you'll find the effort has been worth the wait.
Check in Session Options
Restart Stuck AI - Enabled/Disabled

Thanks Tony I found it, but how do I enable this by default? I can only change this during the session running not in Editing mode. Some of my sessions have this enabled by default and others don't, this seems to be completely random?