TRS2006 - Free to Good Home!


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I have a 5 cd set of TRS2006 (which has been registered with Auran), and which is available at no charge (I will even cover the shipping), to anybody who would like it.

I would prefer it to be somebody who is new to Trainz, and ideally a "youngster" who would really appreciate a 'no cost' arrangement ..... but of course I can only rely on honesty as I cannot verify!

Let me know if you are aware of a anybody who would like it (my email address is in profile.)

Thx. Colin.
Hi Colin.........There must certainly be a library or school in your locality that could find a good use for it. Some youth organization in your area would appreciate it. Perhaps a neighbor, family friend, after school activities. It is certainly a generous gesture. Mighty kind of you. The world could use more of this...........:wave:
Colin if it has been registered it wont be able to get downloads because of your username and password being assigned to it. They can use it as it comes with the builtin content only.
There is the ability to download freeware from non-dls sites and the availablility of the 4 route disks available from Auran.....but many users don't use the dls or forums anyway. It would be nice to donate it as manjoe youngest boy and his friends have played with TRS04 for a long time with just built in content....:cool: