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The Columbia and Kootenay Railway (owned by the CPR) was headquartered in Nelson BC and connected the barge slips and steamer wharves on the Kootenay Lake, Slocan Lake and the Arrow
Lakes. The C&KR was called " a railway from nowhere to nowhere"

This is a railfan experience in Nelson BC September 01 1902. Focus is on proto ops with Train orders and schedules based on CPR ETT BC #8 1906.

The Last Limited
Officially a Burlington Northern train but looking just as it had under the Northern Pacific, the North Coast Limited pauses at Billings Mont., on April 10, 1970, just over a month after the merger. The train retains a complete set of equipment in the paint scheme by famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy.
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hi folks, announcing my new Youtube channel, TrainzLoco Unlimited. Here id the first video uploaded to the channel.

Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing.

Upon what route, may I ask, was that shot?
Glad you like the video!

The Cowan Bank route is a work in progress route being made by Scratchy from Jointed Rail and the other route is the "Main South" freight line between Sydney and Melbourne Australia which is a work in progress from Hotbox Content