Avoiding downloading malware from YouTube channels offering Trainz related downloads

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RGS Railfan
I found this video which does a very good job explaining how malware is being spread from YouTube channels that offer game related downloads. There are many channels that offer Trainz payware or hard to find freeware items such as Thomas the Tank Engine content as a lure to get users to download their malware.

Thank you for that, not that I'm worried about it myself.

It's hard to imagine that Trainz has become that popular that the dark web is now luring people into their traps using Trainz content as bait.
I`ve already suggested that this be made sticky.
Yeah, and that made me laugh very hard. Shall we also post a video about how tying your shoe laces and make that sticky? Because that is also something I consider very basic knowledge.

Okay, jokes aside:

Thanks for Weeder to ask for attention that apparently still not is common knowledge to everyone. Nothing wrong with that, but also not worth a sticky.

The internet has been around for 41 years. If people haven't figured out by now they should not download stuff from vague websites or things like mediafire without being aware of the risks, they badly need some general internet training. Those are likely the same people that will click on any random link they find in a vague email they got or still think there are a few million extremely rich princes in Africa that only need all your personal information before they can send you their wealth.

People sharing download information for Trainz outside of this forum and the main Discord are likely to not be allowed to share that information here or don't want to share that information here. Many good reasons for that, but also on the list are "because the material is pirated or otherwise illegal" or "they have bad intentions (like, I don't know, malware)" and for those two they have to go to vague website (either not intended for that content or websites in countries were they are less strict when it comes to copyright). If you want to dive into those downloads anyway, you are doing that at your own risk.
Also, if you are familiar with trains, you know what file types are used to share content and those don't end with .html, .exe, .com, .js, etc...

  • Think first, act second
  • Update your virus tester
  • Don't download from vague websites (Youtube is an free-for-all movie website, not a dedicated website to share materials, so consider it a vague website for this)
  • Don't click on random links, especially those in emails
  • Don't share your personal information
  • Check various sources before believing something (and no, Facebook is not one of those)
  • 3 best ways to tie your shoe laces
  • Etc...
Locked as this really is more of a "FYI" topic then an actual discussion.

(Did you click on the link? Why?)
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