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Ok, I've been back and forth about posting about my YouTube channel here on the Trainz forums. Am I allowed to even do this? I don't know, so I will give it a shot. I have a Trainz, Run8 and Farming Simulator 22 channel on YouTube under the user name of Mikerowchip. I started it in July of 2022 and as of this post, I have 369 videos. Why don't you come on over and watch? Hey, you could even subscribe!! Or like. I have a Run 8 A-Line series, a Trainz Tidewater Point series, a Trainz C&O Hinton series, a Trainz UMR series and a Farming Simulator 22 Elmcreek series. If you don't like any of the series that I mentioned, then this may not be the channel for you. See you there, unless you don't decide to give it a go.
@mmcdono1 -

The better place to post (views wise) would be on the Trainz Discord channel.

There is a video posting channel in that server, just for streamers and video bloggers.

The link for it is at the top of the forum page.

You can also post on the dedicated video channel on this forum, here > Trainz Videos

You could also join @RichardBosnak's TANE, TRS 2019/22 FB page, and post there.

But just the Trainz related content you make, nothing else.

Link > T:ANE, TRS19 & TRS22 Community

Have fun ! 😊

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