Trainz videos

A well-planned movie, very good shots !

Below is a truck ride on the new map; The great lake (inland sea) is surrounded by mountains and port cities.
The truck makes a full detour around the country.

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I made a new video. It is a homage to a Japanese Jtuber (live vlogster and lovely lady Yuka from the @with me Japan channel at Youtube of which I am a fan.) The video is made in my Trainz Route Icarus Shinkansen v2.0. and takes place at Nakamoto Station on the Trans Icaruko Freight Line. So while the thumbnail may confuse you (unless you look closely at the Title). this is still a Trainz Video. ;) To be more precise it is a Trainz Video, Video Homage, Digital work and Music video at the same time as I have again composed and produced the Music Track: Nakamoto.

You see some new shots. The Seibu9000 Ex KPP train made by AlexMaria makes an appearance in this video. I gave AlexMaria a Shoutout both in the video itself and in the credits.

Hope you like it. I collaborated with another content creator Youtuber @CoffeeSniffer from Istanbul. He a graphic designer who works and lives in Istanbul. He created the duck building graphics that you will see in the video and also made an anime character of Yuka that appears at some moment. So Have fun:

Clip trip thru Big Valley (WIP)

:( apparently the music blocks playback here, you have to view it on YouTube...
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Conrail Christmas Train on Highland Valley In Winter

Conrail Christmas Train!

Merry Christmas! :D

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Great videos!

I present one of the videos shot on my new map "Alisbergia".
It is a small country situated around a large lake called the Inner Sea.
A network of railways and roads connects cities and towns around the great lake.

Today's trailer of the map, which can be downloaded at the Link