Trainz 12 crashing after sp1 hf4.

Hey guys, thanks for your help. I started trainz this morning and started a session, and it ran as normal. I still need to fix some things, but at least it works.
Thanks again.
Ok, how do I do that.

Using Content Manager, highlight one of the faulty assets, right click on it and choose Open for edit in Explorer. This will bring up a Windows Explorer folder with the contents.

You can then edit the config.txt file, and most likely remove the art_icon.tga reference from the file.

Save the config.txt file.

Close the folders.

and commit the asset using CTRL+M keystroke to close the asset.

If the error goes away, you're all set. If not, check to see what you did wrong.

Now... Keep in mind that in the folder with all the bits and pieces, maybe art_icon.texture.txt file. If one of these exists, you need to delete this too. If you get an error after deleting this file anyway, you will need to undelete the file and create the art_icon.tga file in a program such as Gimp,, or some other graphics editing program.