They've Vanished


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This is a new one for me. All the folders (some 200,000) in the Download Station of my Manage Content section of Trainz are empty. I found this out by trying to download an asset from the Download Station and nothing happened. Tried it with another asset. Nothing happened. Decided to look in the folder by editing it. It was empty. Picked a bunch of asset folders. They are all empty. All my installed assets seem okay and the programs seems to be running normal. It's weird because all the download folders are there and next to them it states "available to download." But there is nothing to download. Anybody have this problem before? Is there any way to restore the Download Station without reinstalling the program? I'm afraid a reinstall would wipe out all my Routes and Sessions.


P.S. I have the Mac version of Trainz
The Download Station is separate from Trainz itself, so there would be no point in reinstalling it because of this situation.
Last I heard, the servers were down for maintenance or something. No need to worry.
Thank's for the news. It would have been nice if instead of saying, "available for download," next to the asset, it said, "off line."