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For some unknown reason, the original Aurania thread has vanished (perhaps our great and beloved national anthem did not find favour with some). So, I will have another go at uploading some screenies. Here then are todays selection, which is a visit to Aurania's main locomotive shed at Pinao:

(Looking across to the shed from the station)

(Some of Auranian State Railways delapidated stock. Political in-fighting has hindered progress and modernisation.)

(A panoramic view of the engine shed)

(One of two large locomotives used on freight movements and coal trains.)

(The pride of the railway, the RENFE Confederacion. Now used only occasionally on special trains)

(A view from the inspection pit)

More soon,
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I would be grateful if the mods could delete the other thread (Aurania part 1) and just leave me with this one. I can then upload future pics in here instead of having several threads which can be confusing.

Best wishes,
Thanks Alberte, that's great!

I am thinking of uploading the route eventually so I am going to take out most of the buildings and replace them with backdrops, and get rid of the payware stuff. The line is 14 miles long and I am always thinking how I can improve it. I have come up with a solution to the problems of wayward AI: they will use a giant loop that will avoid the need for trains to turn round. But, to give them something to do they will serve various industries along the way, such as coal, timber, oil, container shipment, and IBerTrainz's Ammonium Nitrate plant. The passenger line will weave in and out of the freight line, so I will have plenty of passing trains to see without them stuffing the session up by de-railing me on pointwork or causing head on collisions!

I have also created a logo for the railway. This is purely for the fun of it and will not appear on any locomotives. I couldn't bring myself to despoil those RENFE Spanish beauties with it! Here it is:

The new flag will be flown for the first time tomorrow from the castle in Pinao. There won't be much of a ceremony, we don't like to make a fuss here in Aurania! There will, however be pics of it. The people of Aurania are most grateful to you Alberte for making this fine flag, and it will boost the efforts of the three people in our Olympic team in the upcoming Games in Beijing. At least now we will have a flag to run up the pole should we win a medal!

Best wishes,
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;) I'm happy to see you liked it.

I insist on telling that Trainz is more than a train sim or game, more than simply trying to clone reality. It fosters and enhances artistic skills, creativity, literature and also history, even though it can be fictitious.

For younger generations, Trainz could be a way to grow and cultivate fields of knowledge and expression of cultural diversity and education. It could cast messages about preserving our world the way we represent it on our layouts: free, fresh and neat.

:hehe: Please, my apologies for preaching and lecturing, but today is Friday and we have a happy weekend ahead. :hehe:

Keep daydreaming, Padster. ;)

The positive side of Alberte :wave: (And I do have a lot of negativity in my toolcase too :wave: )

Note on the flag: As it can be rotated and tilted (R + Shift keys), you can use it in different positions. :wink:
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Hola Alberte,

nice to see the old and proud flag of Aurania :hehe:. As the Auranic anthem sounds: "...let"s long flo-o-o-o-w the wind the ancient fl-a-a-a-a-g of Aura-a-ni-i-i-i-a-a-a-a-a-a... (and than 20 drum-beats end the anthem, as You know) :cool:

Padster, your country lives. Tomorrow: general elections :udrool:

Unfortunately the President only holds elections when he feels like it. He spent a lot of time learning politics from a guy in Zimbabwe. However, if I download enough tanks from the DLS I might pull off a military coup, in which case, you're in!

Best wishes,
Trainz Has Talent!

Aurania Competition no. 1

In an attempt to make the Aurania thread a little different, I am going to introduce competitions into the mix, with the added bonus of a prize!

Here's the story: Auranian State Railways recently acquired two old F7 units from the United States to work heavy freight trains in tandem. However, ASR does not have its own paint shop,so we need someone to paint them for us. That's where you come in.

However, first you must get past the knockout round.

Knockout round

Basically, the knockout round is a screenshot comp. We would like you to post one screenshot of your route in this thread. It can be of anything as long as there is a train in the picture. The pics will be judged on realism, style, artistic perspective and detail: because of this, paint program 'touch-ups' are allowed. Five successful entrants will then go through to the final round.

Title your post 'Aurania Comp 1'

Final round

In this round, the five final entrants will paint one F7 loco in Paint Shed in a colour scheme of their choice, including the Auranian State Railways logo* as seen above into their design, which must be downloadable (or sent via e-mail) and compatible with TRS04. Out of these finalists a winner will be chosen and their loco will be seen in future screenshots of Aurania. They will also win a prize of a boxed, sealed and unused Ship Simulator 2006!

* To resize the logo, please use a program that allows you to type in numerical values of height and width rather than physically resizing with the mouse.

Knockout Round Rules

1. One screenshot per entrant of their own work.
2. Editing of posts is not allowed. Your original post is final.

Final Round Rules

1. One screenshot per entrant of the finished F7 in Surveyor.
2. Locomotive must carry the 'Auranian State Railways' logo
3. The finished F7 must be able to be downloaded by me and be compatible with TRS04.
4. Editing of posts is not allowed. Your original post is final.

Break these rules and it's game over chaps.

Knockout Round Closing Date

Wednesday 30th April

Entries submitted after this date will not be accepted. The five finalists will be chosen on Friday May 2nd, when the second round will commence.

Final Round Closing Date

Wednesday 14th May

Entries submitted after this date will not be accepted. The winner will be announced the following Friday.


I had planned to have a panel of judges, but it is hard to get several people to agree on the same things, so I will do the judging myself.

I now declare the competition

Good Luck to you all!!

Best wishes,

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Hey great screens Padster and Wow where did you get the Engine shed great interior ..location and or kuid please for the shed keep the screens comming cheers dreddy
Hi dreddman. Just type in FMA Engine Shed at the DLS.

@PerRock: unfortunately, yes it has to be repainted in Paint Shed. It is the only way I can guarantee a level playing field, as it is simple to use and a lot of Trainzers don't know how to use other programs. I hope this doesn't put you off entering.

Best wishes, and good luck,
This weeks cool links

The other day I had an idea, which is a bit unusual for me. I thought to myself: "why don't I publish a list of cool links each week?" Well, to be honest it wasn't an original idea. Wiley has been doing it over at the Whistle Stop for ages now, so I hope he doesn't sue me for plagiarism. Anyway, here is this weeks stuff. Only two, but I think you will have plenty to occupy yourselves with!

The first is
This is a type of railway game I suppose, but you could use the trackplans in Trainz too!
The second, is a layout design program with 3D views and train simulation. Run trains on your drawing with MS DirectX real time 3D

Enjoy! (Oh and don't forget the Aurania comp!)
Best wishes,
Thank you for the links. ;)

Yes, Wiley had a great idea (My sympathy and warm greetings for him, hope he is well and wealthy soon :wave: ) and its continuation is wise. I think Wiley will like it.

The linking side of Alberte :wave:
Hi dreddman. Just type in FMA Engine Shed at the DLS.

@PerRock: unfortunately, yes it has to be repainted in Paint Shed. It is the only way I can guarantee a level playing field, as it is simple to use and a lot of Trainzers don't know how to use other programs. I hope this doesn't put you off entering.

Best wishes, and good luck,

Saddly this will mean that I cannot enter; because the one thing that SP1 broke after updating was paintshed. I can paint but there seems to be an error when I go to save it. This hasn't bothered me before because I don't ever use paintshed.

I am really sorry to hear that, Peter. Unfortunately I cannot make exceptions because it would be unfair. Never mind, perhaps you will take part in future comps: I am thinking of doing a crossword for the next one.

Alberte, you are most welcome.

Best wishes,

Is the competition still open? If it is I got a F7 reskin....(EDIT: PaintShed doesn't work anymore. I have a reskin... but not for the competition because its reskinned in GIMP)

Isaac Grove
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