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The Aurania Thread

Hello everyone. Aurania is my fictitious Trainz route. It has evolved from my earlier attempts at route building, and since I have a fertile imagination, here is a little 'gen' on the railway:

The story so far...
After years of civil unrest and governments in exile, the former People's Republic of Aurania is finally getting back on its feet. Nowhere is the neglect of the past 20 years more evident than in the state railway system, which still uses stock built in the 1950's by RENFE of Spain. Due to its political upheavals, Aurania is something of an anachronism, and is one of the last countries on earth to retain steam motive power, supplanted by more economical diesel railcars. The governments desire for the country to be a big player on the world stage has been arrested by Aurania's poor infrastructure, and environmental concerns are likely to be raised should the country want to increase its timber exports, its main source of income.

The Railways of Aurania...
The first railway was a failed attempt to build a line into the mountains.It was tough going, and the heavy gradients wrecked early locomotives. Like many railway projects, the money soon ran out, and the line switched to carrying timber rather than passengers. This became a lucrative business, and the patrons of the line realised that they could achieve their ambition after all. However, greed reared its ugly head, and the money went into furnishing a lavish lifestyle for the board of directors instead. Later, competition would arrive in the form of the Western Coastal Railway, which took an easier route along the coast, but the mountain railway would never get off the ground again.
Last to join the party was the Ben Valley Railway which linked Pinao with Idyssia, the main city and cultural capital of Aurania. This section was over far easier and flatter terrain, although the River Ben had to be bridged several times, not always an easy task.
Eventually, all three lines were merged into Auranian State Railways, although the timber line has now returned to private ownership.

The port of Pinao
Pinao is Aurania's second city, although it is quite small. It started out in an earlier incarnation as Castleport, and as well as a small port it has a beach and seafront:

(Pinao seafront)

Pinao is also where Aurania's main locomotive depot is situated, and where all timber traffic is handled.

(The western coast)

This is at the southern end of the railway, and its main product is timber. Also, many people come to do outdoor pursuits, so the station is well used, although you wouldn't think so by looking at the picture of it. This is where the planned railway into the mountains came to an abrupt halt.

(Danbosque station. Note the piers in the background. They were intended to support a bridge that was never built.)

(Benny Boy Dog Food factory in Danbosque. A survivor from one of my earlier railways)

(Danbosque Forestry. Now on shaky ground in todays environmentally-aware world)

That's all for now,
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That's why I like Trainz best! Fiction is magic and creativity.

Keep coming, dear Padster. (BTW, if you need a flag, just ask for it)

The fictitious side of Alberte :wave:
Wow! This looks very neat! Not only have you made a realistic and intoxicating storyline but some very good looking scenery too! :D

I really like your ideas about the bridge supports and the lack of funding!

Please keep up the great work! ^^


Gisa ^^
Thanks guys, I really appreciate your kind comments.

Alberte, it would be great if you could design a flag for Aurania.

Best wishes,
Good morning Alberte,

what about dark blue and silver? In any shape you can imagine :hehe: ...

Good morning Alberte,

what about dark blue and silver? In any shape you can imagine :hehe: ...


:hehe: Bad boy, Surie...


But I take your words, it will be dark blue-silver. ;)

The dark blue-silver side of Alberte :wave:
Excellent stuff. It's good to have a backstory to our Trainz creations.

I'm wondering about a "what if BR didn't abandon steam in 1968, but carried on for another 10 years?" scenario. Steam engines in corporate blue anyone? :hehe: