T:ANE (in development) screenshots...

Well, the graphics won`t ever be the same with the video, since that video is made with the Unreal Engine, I think.
So TANE graphics will either be worse or better but they won`t be the same. Its an approximation.
For what it's worth, the shadows make a really big difference. I haven't been privy to T.ANE as of yet, but my previous experiences with new releases from N3V have tempered my expectations.
Hi guys, I'm working on a new layout based on the proposed rail-link line between Petrie and Kippa Ring in Queensland, which will officially open in 2016. I had problems trying to do screenshots in TANE, so these photos have been taken with my mobile, thus the poorer resolution. Anyway, I'm happy with the results that TANE can offer. http://www.royburnell.com/id28.html
Cheers, Roy3b3

Looking very good Roy.
Nice shots everyone;). One from me from my little playground:

TANE screenshot taken in surveyor. This content will be released as freeware once 1 have 100 assets ready. Almost 10 are done, 90 to go. All will be low-poly 2D/3D hybrids like seen on this shot.

cheers, Jan
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Great news Jan there's hope for TANE yet:hehe:.I'll leave Tane for a good year before I hit it hard,wait till the full version,promising signs there of things to come though...
;)... 2 new screenshots:



In game screenshots from TANE.

More details in the TANE forum thread.


I eagerly await your new release of trees. They look great! But if you're going to show them off in TANE like this, you might want to turn shadows on. It would make your already good looking trees really stand out!


They said it could not be done but here is proof it can be done. No cloning was done here, just some lateral thinking needed to get this route into T:ANE CE. I hope I do not step on someones toes by displaying these pictures here. The clever/smart boys who build this placed many obstacles in the way not to "copy" this route, let alone to transfer it into somewhere else. Please DO NOT ask how I did this, after all, what I do on my PC is no one else's business.

Just click the thumbnails to get the bigger pictures.

Do you know which layout this is?:

First time in T:ANE CE, the sky is still wrong and some textures and objects are missing. These can easily be edited in Surveyor and replaced there. This is from a bit further away:

Some scenery:

here too:

and the crossover with corrupt or missing textures showing:

This is in Surveyor only but the layout can be edited and the corrupt sky, missing textures and tracks plus the othermissing assets can be easily replaced. NOTE: some of these pictures have been modified, perspective wise and length wise to get these reasonably looking in the screenshots.

Now on to some driving screenshots from this layout in the next post.


Some driving screenshots in this post from the layout above which I was able to get into T:ANE CE. Just click the thumbs.

Some rough and partial editing of missing textures:

A bit closer:

after some more texture replacement and saving for driving:

at the crossover editing after again some re texturing:

and finally driving over it:

Again, NOTE: I modified these pictures perspective and length wise to get these reasonable looking to post. Initially these did not look like the pictures above in T:ANE CE.

Cheers and enjoy

Have been testing my new M class in T:ANE, on the Healesville route, with a 'suburban' passenger service.


M224 coasts down grade into Mooroolbark with the morning 'Down' passenger service.


Shortly after arriving at Lilydale, M224 simmers quietly before shunting it's train read for the return service.

Hallo Zec,

I have been testing your route too. It was fun having a look at it in T:ANE and I was very impressed by the route and the content. I guess people will enjoy playing with it after the final release at the end of February.
Also its nice to see that you also have attached some history background information so that people gets a little overview about the history if they are interested in. For me this is an important matter of route quality too.
I am looking forward to see your route and the content inside the final release :)

Your’s TUME
Seeing how N3V doesnt create the routes in T:ANE or any version of Trainz for that matter. They are made be 3rd party members. For example, TUME made Avery-Drexel, JoinedRail made Mojave etc. It was probably negotiations fell through for those routes or they maybe withheld for future DLC.
Yes i know that routes are usually made by 3rd party creators, but i'm soo sad that they (propably) cancelled these routes, because i very like indian and japanese railways. But, who knows ? I seen Yamanote Line route on jtrainz-weebly today (still work in progress). Maybe this is it ?:eek:
Can't remember the specifics but there is at one route that was planned for T:ANE that is not going to be in TANE but may come along later presumably as DLC. Think due to taking longer than expected so not yet finished.

DD560 and DD582 sit in Lilydale yard with a loaded timber train, with compressors chuffing as they charge their brakes.


The two DDs blast their way up the grade at Cave Hill, whilst quarry workers perform their duties under the evening sun.

The two DDs coast through the countryside between Lilydale and Mooroolbark
(click on the image to bring up the full size version)

Another view of the two DD class locos as they cross the 2nd trestle bridge between Lilydale and Mooroolbark.

Nice shot:), 3 from me...

View from hillside...


The tunnel entrance is 'homemade' and will be in the freeware pack for TANE...


Grass looks nice in TANE, with or without wind...

more shots to be posted soon...stay tuned.