TRS22PE Steam has TANE content.


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So I took advantage of the current steam sale and purchased TRS22PE I already have TRS22 plus beta as a gold subscriber as well as TRS19PE and TRS19 non steam and TANE on steam + platinum pack from the store, they are all installed. I use steam edition to install content I've purchased and stand alone for gold content, freeware testing and Surveyor.

So I installed TRS22PE base install from steam started the launcher logged in and started TRS22 to check everything went ok which it did, so I quit and moved the database to my nvme drive and navigated to the content store to start downloading both 22 and 19 content I've purchased. I'm logged out now due to the move and left it that way to help determine what I get to 'keep', I got the majority downloaded and installed and everything looks good so far. Started TRS22PE changed type to trains and see both Averl Drexel mixed freight and all the PCC trams from Seasontown installed! Uhmmm ok, I have not installed any TANE related content like kickstarter, asset packs, etc. No other install has these except TANE obviously. I know TANE platinum content is not transferable to TRS19 I need to buy the pack on steam to get it and I thought it's the same for TRS22.

I'm thinking of buying the TANE platinum pack for TRS19 but now I'm confused do we get TANE platinum content TRS22PE or not?
The base contains lots of built-in routes including Avery Drexel, Season Town plus Kickstarter and those routes that came with the original Trainz Model Railroad series. Be sure to install the required content from the Content Store. These are additional downloads that are too large to fit in the already huge 9.7 GB installer. If you are looking at the Trainz main Routes and sessions menu, you will see all the available content you have not installed yet and you do that via the Content Store.

Like any Trainz version, Plus will install and run most content created previously, therefore, there's no reason to worry about seeing the T: ANE content in your Plus install and the same with TRS19 having T: ANE content. From what I remember, TRS19 has the same base routes as TRS22 and Plus have. Plus will, however, have some exclusive to Plus routes such as the West from Denver.

As a gold subscriber you get all the DLC content in addition to Gold-Plus exclusive content. When install DLC, install only a few packages at a time, otherwise the program will lock up as it processes the downloads.
As John says, you can manage what DLC is downloaded from the N3V Trainz Store through the Content Store. It can be confusing since on Steam versions some DLC is listed by the package name which can be cryptic. Here is a list of them.

DLC purchased through Steam (currently at 75% off) will download directly through the Steam interface. This is by default done automatically but can be managed by right clicking on the name of the Trainz program and choosing Properties...>DLC. Unchecking an item will cause it to be uninstalled and not automatically added back until you check it again.

Also as John says, if DLC is compatible with newer versions, it will be available and in the case of Steam, automatically installed. This may be the source of your confusion as it is technically possible to "own" both the N3V version and the Steam version of a DLC item. In general, I choose to have Steam install the DLC item rather than installing the same item through the N3V Content Store but some items get updates that are only available through the Updates tab of the Content Store so it does require a certain amount of due diligence to manage your DLC to your advantage.
Thanks guys I probably should have said I'm familiar with Trainz been subscriber since day one, and a player for much longer. I've had the same experience wreeder and its why I keep things separate.
I've visited that link many times for the resource id's, the steam resource id's are not listed but if you add the id number to the steam url it will take you to the dlc store page. I keep my purchased content separate from subscription content so J use steam releases for purchased and standalone editions for sub content. If I cancel or change my sub I can just use my steam edition, though I'll probably keep my sub that pro content is really nice.

The steam TRS22PE now has all my purchased content from TRS19PE and TRS22PE also purchases from the N3V store no problems. This install is where the two TANE trains are they are not in any other edition I have. I have it in TANE because I bought the platinum pack from the N3V store years ago. I don't own the TRS19 TANE platinum pack that's on steam and there's nothing for TRS22 that I can see, nor have I ever owned TMR. I know I can download it with my sub in this install I just want what I purchased. Source has to be TANE platinum pack that's all my account knows about.

To clarify I have no routes, no other trains from the TANE platinum pack just those trains\trams in that one install. I did not download these that's why I think they came with base install all dlc I download via the content store while logged out initially then log in for N3V store bought. Did N3V overlook something here or do we get TANE platinum content with steam TRS22PE? I know content is backwards compatible although they rereleased this for TRS19 I suspect they just fixed what needed fixing, no pbr, turf fx, etc.

With a base install and no dlc is everything on the DLS listed as 'builtin'? Those trains are 'packaged payware' as they should be. I noticed there are some TUME route assets on the dls but these could be in use anywhere.
I checked to see if I could place them in a session. Turns out I can.

They could be part of a MPS package that is available for download or if you logged into a MPS route then they could have been automatically installed. I've done both with my install of TRS22 PE and gotten new stuff from DLC packages. I think there is a way to manage packages for use in MPS included in Trainz Plus but not in TRS22 Standard or TRS22 Platinum.
I think the TMR routes are now included in TRS19 and TRS22 as built-in routes.

The stuff on the DLS is not listed as built-in, but there was a bit of confusion initially with DLC content. With T: ANE and TRS19, DLC content was listed as built-in even though it's not. With TRS22 and up, there's now a difference, unless this was included with TRS19 with the more recent service packs, that now show DLC content as Packaged and truly built-in content is listed as Built-in in the status column.

That doesn't mean that DLS content isn't included in DLC routes and sessions. If you have used DLC content in one of your own routes and uninstall the DLC content, the assets are now supposed to be on the DLS unless they are custom-content specific to the routes and sessions. This is a recent change, probably in the past 6 months and content is still being worked through. If there are any assets found that should also be on the DLS, we're supposed to report those the N3V so they can update the DLS.
Interesting replies thank you. If including TMR routes was after the release of TRS19PE that would explain why it's not there I haven't downloaded anything for TRS19 in a long time.
I keep TRS19 installed to do back-to-back comparisons with TRS22.
Many of us keep previous versions installed. They're useful not only for comparison but also for testing and transferring content from one version to another especially if the version is really old.