Schedule Library in TRS22 Platinum

Greetings again Trainzers.
I decided to buy Trainz22 Platinum and am investigating migrating everything over from TANE, as I'm pretty impressed with it.

My first problem is that on my operating routes in TANE I make very heavy use of the COPY COMMANDS FROM / SCHEDULE LIBRARY combination (Brumfondel's original version) for directing AI drivers.

It works well in TANE, but I am wondering if anyone knows or can suggest what might be best practice in Trainz22 to achieve the same outcome? Or should I just try to repair the rules and commands that show up as faulty in Trainz22 now?

Any advice will be considered! Many thanks.

EDIT - Also, is the Un-Portal rule a viable replacement for the standard old-style portals such as Portal-HP that I used extensively in TANE? It might be a good time to swap over if Un-Portal is as "reliable" as the old ones but with better functionality ??
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I'm not sure about the Un-Portal rule since I haven't used it in ages, but I will vouch for the Schedule Library and Copy-Commands from Driver Rule. It works perfectly fine without issues and I use it all the time.
Hi John !
N3V should be paying you brother, considering how much help you have given Trainzers over the years.
Ok, so I'll repair them up instead if no better methods are in use these days.