Small Layout Plans.

You too, eh.

Stumbled upon a specific circumstance to achieve that -

Was building a 600mm route and the specific tunnel I wanted to use was standard gauge only.
So ...
Put it in place then pulled a 600mm track spline clear through it, ignoring the tunnel end track attachment points.
Since the train does not ride on the tunnel track the view change does not get triggered.
I just did this and found my new best friend! I connected a piece of invisible track of each end of the tunnel, then laid the unconnected tunnel track directly on it. Perfect! The train appears to be on the tunnel track while I stay above ground...Thanks for the tip!
It's been a while since I was last here, but that doesn't mean that I've lost interest in the TMR format for making digital model railways.
This is Gilbert Thomas's Paddington to Seagood layout published in 1947. It was built up in a room in his house that measured 18 feet by 25 ft and it was intended for spring powered locomotives, - that's clockwork in case you were wondering. With having been a coarse scale 'O' gauge modeller before taking up with Trainz I've never really lost interest in this kind of layout.

Paddington is the large terminus station in the middle of the drawing, - and Seagood is the smaller terminus station at the top.

Your bringing back a lot of memories! I had a small figure 8 plus side connections Lionel RR in my basement maybe 5'x15'. I would run it with the basement lights off. To see the RR run in the dark was a sight to see. I even got to the point of having a small control board. I also had a few of Lionel's electrical connected pieces. Trainz comes close to the real/model RR. With Trainz I can ride in the Loc Cab which I couldn't do with the model RR.