Walkley Sidings. Inglenook with a Fiddle Yard.

Good to hear. I had problems with a "payware" ground texture, neer having bought any payware, until it was kindly pointed out that although called payware it was actually buil in.

I like the red flag idea - I must remember it.

Just to let you know that since lunch I have made a coffee pot and a tea pot, both in an attractive shade of blue, and re-coloured all three mugs to match, with new KUIDs They now need checking and screenshots. No biscuit tin, but I will probably raid mine within the next few minutes as I feel like a break.

Oooo very nice. I like the sound of those and I'm sure they will be very welcome Ray.

I'm still doing final checks to make sure everything on Walkley Sidings is on the DLS. I've placed a selection of pre-grouping rolling stock on the layout with a somewhat GER bias as well as a LSWR 0330 saddle tank to represent the kind of second hand locomotive a small independent light railway might purchase from one of the mainline railway companies. I'm having to be careful to check that the goods wagons I'm placing on the layout are actually on the DLS as not everything I've created in the way of goods wagons is on the DLS and I don't want to have any complaints about things being missing once I do upload Walkley Sidings.

I forget where I learned the red flag trick, but it most probably was here on the forums.
Lovely route, Annie! :)

Be careful of that cat near the layout. My old cats, both gone now used to steal things from my N-scale route and leave the wagons and buildings in the kitchen. When it first occurred, I blamed my nephew for it who was 4 at the time!

Anyway... Yeah people writing things need to look at all the steps. I learned that from my old piano teacher when I was explaining something to her. She said remember all the baby steps in between and don't make assumptions like the one you mentioned.
Thanks very much John. I was into Lego at one time and the cat I had at the time would delight in causing mayhem amongst my models, - so the cat on the table about to knock that mug to the floor is very much in memory of my daft old much loved moggy who is now no longer with me.

With my own models I use a system where all my own models have an 'A-' prefix on their user name, but when I come to sort out a model to upload it I clone the original, remove the 'A-' prefix from the user name and upload the clone. In theory this should prevent mishaps, but once in a while a model might end up without the 'A-' prefix so it definitely pays to check. Like many of us here on the forum I've suffered from the frustration of downloading a layout that's full of unknown dependencies so I don't want to be guilty of doing the same thing myself.
For those who want to know more about Inglenook type shunting puzzles take a look at this webpage...... http://www.wymann.info/ShuntingPuzzles/Inglenook/inglenook-rules.html
The whole website is well worth taking a look at if you have a couple of hours to spare.

After fellow members at TCWW kindly volunteered to test out Walkley Sidings and the very last of the glitches and bugs have been sorted I can announce that I will be uploading Walkley Siding to the DLS later today.
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]DWW MR Walkley Sidings <KUID:768291:12383> (DWW = Dreamwalker Wagon Works)[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The layout has been examined by N3V's Babbage Calculating Engine and has been approved. It should be available on the DLS in about 24 hours.

Please note: Walkley Sidings was built in TS2012 build 3.7, but has been tested in both TANE SP3 and SP4 by TCWW members and declared to be fine there. It has also been tested in TS2019 without any problems except that the SAM ballast I used has been changed to jelly ballast and the manually placed point frogs on the points in the fiddle yard seem to now have another set of frogs under them. Otherwise all is well.
Books - I've made the first one, and calculated several sizes of others for a railway room bookshelf. It should be possibe to get a good few on a 1024 x 1024 graphic and I've compiled a list of 45 possible titles. Simple box models, but quite a bit of work to make several different sizes and colours. Time for a break.
Sounds like a really good beginning Ray. Being a right little book hoarder my bookshelves are always groaning under the load so it will be nice to be able to have a railway room/shed with shelves with books on them.
No pressure though, - take your time and I'll look forward to seeing the results of your labours.
Congrats on getting your first MR published Annie, and so quickly from start to finish.

I am looking forward to your next MR :)

P.S. there are 2 more books on the DLS that are reskins of Ray's originals by me.
Congrats on getting your first MR published Annie, and so quickly from start to finish.

I am looking forward to your next MR :)

P.S. there are 2 more books on the DLS that are reskins of Ray's originals by me.

Thanks very much Graham. It was definitely a new experience for me making a Trainz model railway and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. I'm having a look at Seaton station in Devon at the moment which is a bit unusual for me since I've had very little to do with the Southern Railway constituent companies. I've cruelly tormented the 1903 OS map to come up with a track plan that seems workable so I'll see how it goes.

Oh and i did find your book reskins by the way.
I was looking through CJF's PSL Book of Model Railway Layout plans and notice his plan based on Seaton, where he used to be based when the Peco factory and offices were located there, in Station Road.. It's 3m x 0.3m plus sector plate fiddle yard - which would be interesting to make in Trainz, I imagine, although I suppose that it's basically just a half turntable.

Seaton is coming along alright Ray, but after looking at OS maps it's now based on the station as it was in 1889. I measured out the basemap at 15ft 9 inches and 3ft wide with fiddle yard, but then added on about another foot to the length. The OS map derived plan is shorter than scale length, but the station yard doesn't look like it's been compressed and it still has the open roomy look of the original.

I don't have the PSL Book of Model Railway Layout Plans, but yesterday I did find a second hand copy of 60 Plans For Small Railways at a good price. I used to own a copy of 60 Plans For Small Railways, but it got lost when life happened a few years ago.

I'm being driven batty a bit by layers and TS2012 surveyor constantly telling me that I need to open xxxxxx layer when I could have sworn that what I'm doing was in different layer entirely. Still I imagine I'll get used to it all eventually.
There is a 3 track sector plate (16m sector plate 3t,<kuid:80140:28570>) on the DLS. It's a TRS2004 model.

16m Segmentdrehscheibe 3t. Now that is an impressive name for a sector plate. It looks to be be very useful and I must take a closer look at it. Some good things were being done back in the day in TS2004.
Thanks very much for pointing this out to me teddytoot.