A list of good DLS content makers

You should also add BenDorsey. While Ben did make wagons, he is better known for his bridges and ore industries. Perhaps the most prolific creator in Trainz history. Unfortunately no longer with us.
I agree this is a bad idea. It's been done before in a more community friendly way. Plus, your list implies a 3rd option - C: You're not on this list because your content is not good. This has a way of offending the more sensitive content creators.

Just my 2 {insert local currency here}.
Come on folks. The thread originator stated the list was for DLS content he liked, for various reasons. He never claimed to be writing an encyclopedia tome. If you want to add the list do so, use it, or ignore it.
I like Ford F150 pickups, does that mean there are not other type pickups on earth?
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I agree this is a bad idea. It's been done before in a more community friendly way. Plus, your list implies a 3rd option - C: You're not on this list because your content is not good. This has a way of offending the more sensitive content creators.

Just my 2 {insert local currency here}.

Other options are in the eye of the beholder. Over the years, I have discovered several routes I have really enjoyed from threads like this. Oh, how sensitive we have become! I am one of the very small number of scripters in Trainz. I have uploaded many rules and commands over the last decade or more. Am I offended because my name does not appear in his post? Of course not.
Coming back to the thread, I would add cj187. He has a nice variety of german rolling stock (although a major part of his stuff are reskins), and also dmdrake as, although most of his content could be obsolete by current Trainz standards (specially vegetation and textures) he has provided us with a huge variety of trees and buildings, that still are used on many current Trainz routes.
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Some good developers for british steam are:

trainboi1 who has done the SDJR 7F, LNER V2 and D41, Midland Railway Midland Compound, British Railways Standard Class 4 2-6-0 and Standard Class 4 4-6-0, Caledonian Railway Single 123, GNR H4 and some narrow gauge stuff from the Corris Railway, Ffestiniog Railway etc.

edh6 who does a ton of pre-grouping engines and rolling stock like the Dunalastair IV, Adams T3 and Holmes C Class and loads of narrow gauge stuff for the Ffestiniog Railway and Welsh Highland Railway.

paulhobbs who does some engines like the Wainwright H Class, LNER Y7 and Drummond 700 Class.

skipper1945 who does mostly Great Western Railway stuff but also some other engines like the Bulleid Pacifics, S100 and J94.

knucklenvector who does loads of different engines some pre-grouping and some post grouping like the LNWR Webb Coal Tank, WD 2-10-0 and CR Cardean.

robd who does the GCR 8F and the GER Y14.

andi06 who did the WD 2-8-0.

lielestosbrat who did the GNR N2.

and lnerlover5 who did the Holden S56, Ivatt 2MT and Thompson L1.

I'm pretty sure I missed some out but those are the good ones I know the most about. ;)
Hello, this post will be listing good content sources of the DLS,...

I don't think the forums is the place to start something like this. I am building a website where asset creators will eventually be able to host their content. CDETrainz.com So maybe you sign up, and then I can help you set up some kind of list (database) where you can add asset kuid's for your listing?

I don't see your list happening unless someone like you maintains it, so the users can enjoy it, and the forums is not going to host a database, just won't work. Let me know if you want the help, I have bandwidth galore and a wonderful CDN setup available.
Hey guys, i did not want to do this but due to issues with "edit size" i have to post this as a comment, idk what the issue is so until then, i will likely have to do additions as comments.


Ever ran a train over a bridge in trainz? Chances are, it was made by Bendorsey. Ben created many buildings, bridges and trestles for trainz over the years before sadly passing of cancer in 2018. Both then and today his content is very widely used in the trainz community, if you boot up a route, whether it be official DLC and DLS/third party content, it likely uses something of his making. You can learn to quickly identify Bens content on a route by spawning some of his content in the editor and looking for these features in his creations.

1: instead of being textured, windows are actually modeled into the building and are translucent, allowing you to see inside (though there is no furniture, it allows route maker and player interpretation)

2: when it comes to wood planks and beams, the same texture is often used (very noticeable with trestles)

3: much like the wood planks, the texture for wood roofing tiles are the same for most models

4: like above, the texture used for brick construction is the same on most of his items.

After looking for these and other common features, you should easily be able to tell if a item is of Ben's making.

Overall, if you're making a route that takes place in the 50s, 40s or earlier and looking for some good buildings to populate it and bridges to cross it, Bens content is a great starting point.

Long freight runs, fully interactive industries and mile after mile of running space with a variety of railway infrastructure setup inbetween is the wood tie and steel rail makeup of neilsmiths framed UMR~Ultimate Mega Route. Made with a mixture of self made sections and areas taken from older trainz routes all put together to make a north american equivalent of the ECML route, utterly massive with a ton of operating options and the best part? Every single industry is interactive! There's a coal mine and a few coal burning power plants as well as a coal export dock for your coal drag lovers, oil fields and oil refineries for your BNSF lovers not to mention most towns having an interactive station and grain elevators.

This is not even mentioning the scrap yards with steel, coil and pipe plants ready to turn said scrap into their products, quarries with sand and gravel to be turned into cement at their proper facilities, general goods producers and consumers, granular loads, cattle, logging camps along with mills to turn said logs into lumber and wood chips, car part plants with car plants to turn said parts into cars which then can be shipped to dealerships and intermodal facilities for your TOFC and COFC services and more i am probably forgetting.

There is also the variety of rail infrastructure, like a hump yard, two branchlines with switching yards in between, oh yeah and tons of bridges. Also the route features 4 portal exit/entry points and nav points for AI operations. The route is also “owning road ambiguous” meaning if you like UP, SP, ATSF, PRR, PC, CR, CSX, CN or any other north american railroad, they should feel right at home on the route, something its variety of invirons, desert cliffs, flat farmland, coastal lines and hilly passes greatly help with.

Neilsmith has been working on the UMR for a long time, with route vers going back to 2010 and heading all the way up to 2018 with each one expanding and enhancing the last. The amount of detail he puts into the UMR is amazing, old ties and rails can be seen trackside, evidence of MOW operations, mainline track splines are clean while sidings use more rusty looking variants, and each town on the route is uniquely designed.

If you are looking for a route that gives you long runs, switching or branchline ops, that also allows you to move actual freight commodities, with wide options for the type of freight you wanna pull, Neilsmiths UMR is a great route that should fit the needs of a variety of trainz players.

Quick warning for T:ANE players about a glitch i have experienced, on the UMR 2018 route, if you save a game on T:ANE you won't be able to open it again, it will just sit on the loading screen and it will never load in. Oddly if the save is ported to 2019, it will load just fine.
Get an proper education and come and visit Wales.

Ffestiniog Railway
Talyllyn Railway
Welsh Highland Railway
Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

are all worth a visit and you can travel from the airport in London by train. You'll find it quite different to Amtrack with more than thirty trains a day from London to Cardiff.

Luv Karen

We visited Wales very often , it's a beautiful country.
We travalled the Ffestiniog Railway , what a experience !
But we have also seen the Lynton Cliff Railway , a train moved by water .