Scrapbook won't overwrite anything but textures on HD terrain


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Title says it all. Tried making a new scrapbook texture on the HD grid no difference. All parameters turned on should overwrite everything. No go. Works fine on the 10 meter grid. Won't override clutter either. Need to erase grass in unwanted places. Hope to see this patched in future. Patiently waiting. Thanks.

Well I just tried it in build 122914, the latest beta.

I created a new route (one baseboard). Upgraded it to HD then added some random terrain, painted a texture, added some scenery objects and splines.
I then created a scrapbook using the marquee tool.

I then pasted the scrapbook data in a vacant area and everything (terrain height, texture, objects) was correctly pasted from the scrapbook.
Yesterday it would not overwrite anything. Today it started working, sort of. It will overwrite textures, meshes and splines but not the grass within the scrapbook texture. I made a scrapbook texture of the Barnsdale grass without the stumps and logs with only the grass included. Makes a fine field grass. If I decided I wanted to make a parking lot I can paint a scrapbook concrete texture which will overwrite the basic green base texture but it will not overwrite the grass portion of the scrapbook texture and I will be left with a parking lot filled with grass. This is my problem.

This sounds like you are using the grass effect layer with your scrapbook.

To remove already applied scrapbook brush, select the grass effect layer in use from the Layers Palette, and sent the brush to decrease. Then apply a decrease brush to remove the grass effect for the area you wish to paint the parking lot.

Alternatively to use the scrapbook brush without applying the grass effect layer, change your Scrapbook Filter to "Effect Layers: None"