Another issue with HD terrain. This time it's scrapbook usage


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Hi all,

Some of my terrain is below sea level. Every time I have tried to use scrapbook textures since upgrading to HD terrain I get a corrupt effects layer message popup and my water layer reverts to default level which covers all of my below sea level scenery. I have my water effects layer set at -200 meters since my sea port is an addon to my route and is 97 meters below game default. I tried using scrapbook on the default ground level and still got the message and the water reverted to game default level, again covering my below normal ground level scenery. Also my game seems to lock up momentarily, though I think that might be because the game is pausing while the water is reverting back to the zero default level. Or -5 default I think it might be. I hope this is something that is in the works for repair or do I need to remake my water layer. I hope not. I have a lot of rivers on my route. I hope this is only temporary. Thanks