Been having an issue with scrapbook textures


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Scrapbook works except I can't seem to overwrite parts of a scrapbook texture such as grass. I discovered some grass in a tunnel entrance that I can't get rid of. I know the dig hole just makes the grid invisible but the grid is still there. I now have grass hanging in mid air in the tunnel entrance. This apparently started with one of the beta updates, maybe it was the HD grid conversion because it wasn't an issue before. I also noticed all the grass I had laid before was gone also and am now relaying it. Any ides would be helpful. Thanks,
You probably know all of this already but some of those reading this thread may not.

When you create a scrapbook it will capture everything in and under the selected area (when using the Marquee tool to create the scrapbook) or the individual objects (when using the Free Move or Fine Adjustment Tools). This includes the highlighted object(s), ground textures (or the grid), ground heights and effect layers. They are all "vacuumed up" into the scrapbook.

Your display options only start when you paint or paste the scrapbook. The scrapbook filters control which of the data types "sucked up" into the scrapbook will be added to the layout and how they will be added.

See for the details.

Your post did not include any details of your scrapbook filter settings so I have assumed that the above description may be a possible cause.