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Does anyone know of a finished trainz route set in Arizona or the west? I know that there are some base layouts around on the DLS but I am not very good at editing routes, and I would much rather prefer to download a finished route.

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RE: route in Arizona

I'm not really bothered about an era, just about the actual content. which ones were you thinking of?
Well, for some old ones, try:
1880's Old West
1880's Old West NG
desert co
desert completed

For newer routes, try
Desert Wood
Southwest Desert V3
Roscoe, Snyder, & Pacifc Railroad (

None of those are Arizona-specific (that I am aware of), but they all seem to capture the spirit of the area.

Hope that helps!
Thanks for the help!

I would definitely recommend the RS&P Texas layout. It also has a network of invisible tracks for placing drivable road vehicles on. They are currently in the process of creating activities for the layout, coming soon.


If you want to compare it to the real thing, go HERE.
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