Route Developers section?

Is this suggestion of a new forum section a good idea?

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Route Builder
This topic should really be addressed to a moderator or someone within Auran, but I don't know who to contact. I wish to make a suggestion, your forgiveness if a "suggestions" forum already exists, but I have searched and cannot find. I would like to suggest a specific "Route Builders" or "route Developers" section which is separate from the "Screenshots" section as it exists. My reasons for this are: A route builder can display his or her progress on the said route without it getting lost amongst a huge log of general screenshots. Also, anyone interested in a specific route could gain quick access to it without having to wade through literally hundreds of pages of general screenshots.
Ideally this section could also have an index at its head. Rules could specify only routes under developement or ammendment be allowed to display. This topic may have been discussed before, I don't know. However, I would appreciate others thoughts/ comments as to wether a feasable suggestion or otherwise.
Cheers, Trev. :)
Interesting idea.

Would we have enough interest or demand for this type of forum?

I can clearly see some routes screenshots already in the screenshots forumso they do stand out. Not sure if we want another screenshots section.

Aye, this would be useful for those of us who want to show WIP's, get some ideas, ask for Surveyor advice, oh wait there already IS a section for that:hehe:

There is, but it has the image size regulations on it. It would be nice to be able to put full size screenies in a route builders/layout builders section like we used to. As some of the other guys said, trial it for a month or so (Start of next week till, say, end of January maybe) and see how it goes. A lot of route specific threads tends to get lost in the mass of 'general' type screenshot threads. A section for WIP layouts/routes, with full size screenies, would be helpful with getting advice or comments on layouts that would otherwise be skipped over in the mass of 'general' screenshot threads.

Just my 5c worth.
@Fender: I think you have a very good idea. There needs to be another thread (I never thought about it until now...)for route builders because screenshots is generic...routes, locomotives, coaches, etc., so there are is a lot of continual posting...just my two cents!
This is a good idea. Maybe the thread should be open to all WIP though, such as new content, and not just routes. You have my vote anyway :)

I vote yes. Periodically, I post screenshots of my WIP in the hopes of getting some constructive criticism, but they seem to get lost in the vast array of shots in the screenshots section.
A great idea.

If implemented though, I only hope it's used for showing WIPs of routes that will actually have a chance of being released, rather than the multitudes of "screen shot competition" style routes that will never see a release.
A dedicated route developers section would hopefully promote making routes that are actually likely to be released.

I could't resist

There is, but it has the image size... blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah ...would otherwise be skipped over in the mass of 'general' screenshot threads.

Just my 5c worth.

5c? Would this be inflation adjusted?:hehe:

Australia abolished 2c coins well over fifteen years ago, in an attempt to abolish general opinions. Thankfully, the citizens quickly discovered that 5c worth was equally effective when making opinions, thoughts and suggestions, and all were happy :)
Yes you have my vote

I have posted some screenshots of my new route and had a few response's but there are times when you are constructing your route that you sometimes get it wrong that you don't notice until someone points this out.

A dedicated section would maybe help lets hope this happens as any criticism good or bad is a help

Tippertool (Graham)
I would like to thank all who have responded to my suggestion of a separate Route Builders screenshot forum.
Cheers, Trev. :)
This has my