I've tried everything I can think of. Let's give it a rest. I'll go back to learning the program to see what I may be doing wrong. Thanks so much for your help.
Hello folks .I have questions about the same reskinning issues. i can reskin a loco and rolling stock in gimp but don't know the legality's of submitting the changes. i have seen the videos of the procedure, but don't know to contact the original creator of asset to get permission, if needed.
also once i submit changes to asset does it post to dls?
any help understanding this procedure would be a great help.
thank you for any guidance on this
regards John B.
Hello, @johnrBenson.

The relevant law on for-your-own-use are occasionally vague, but as long as you don`t share it without permission, most jurisdictions don`t really care. I don`t think that Texas is much concerned about that. Contacting the original creator can be difficult, but an easy thing to try is to see if said author is active here on the forums. If that fails, other people might be willing/able to provide other ideas. All of them, however, will require knowing who that creator is, at least his Trainz identity.

Just submitting your changes to your local installation does /not/ submit the item to the Download Station. That takes extra steps and an explicit choice, but I believe that your Trainz installation is likely to have built-in assistance with that. Beyond that, I can`t help much, as I have never submitted anything to the DLS either.

Your first message? Welcome to the forums!
Thank you for the quick reply! i wasn't sure if it downloaded to dls. i have submited a small route a yr ago . that's all, used all dls asset's. no problems. i don't want to step on toes. as a newb and still learning to be a decent and respectful player.
i assume if i downloaded a route with some reskined loco's in session it would come up as missing asset's.
still trying to figure this all out a year later.
best regards John B.
Thank you for the quick reply!
You`re welcome. I just happened to be haunting the What`s New page, plus I have a Watch on this thread.

Most people don`t understand the proper use of "upload" and "download". Technically, the "up" and "down" refer to which end has the bigger computer. On the internet, we tend (with good reason) to assume that the other end is the bigger system. No biggie, though, as the other person usually doesn`t know any better either. I greatly appreciate your attempts to be honest and respectable. In this day and age, entirely too many people don`t bother, so it is refreshing to come across someone who does.

As for missing assets, that depends. If the locomotive (or whatever) is on the Download Station, it automatically hitches a ride and installs into your trainzbase (my way of saying "Trainz database"), exactly as if you had requested it explicitly. If it is not on the DLS, only then will it show up as a Missing Asset.

I`ve been around for a while, and I still come across things that I don`t know, or that have changed since I learned them.

Have a better day, please.
Thank for the info, it helps me understand this procedure. it's always better to give folks respect, till they give you a reason not too.
i've been on Trainz about a year now. had started with Tane but found 2019 was a better fit for what i want to do.
i spend more time on this than i should:) but it's better than the online games trying to get more money daily!
i will be looking for post's to improve my skills in game.
thanks for the help and we'll be in touch
john B
You`re very welcome. We all have to learn our knowledge somewhere. I agree, but being human, we all screw up sometimes. I try.

I registered my first Trainz (2004) in late 2007, followed by 2009/2010, and 2022. I have also downloaded but not installed T:ANE, having "bought" it for one Trainz point. I script, primarily, but I also do some minor route-building (or at least I did; none lately). All of them are good for that.

I don`t have much else to keep me away at the moment. I definitely agree about the money-grubbing that some online games seem to engage in. They do have to make money somehow, though; it`s mostly a matter of how.

Good idea.

You`re welcome, and I look forward to it with somewhat more pleasure than is usual for someone on antidepressants, like I am.