Problems loading manually controlled trains


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I am running some manually controlled trains in a slightly revised Springfield District layout. I want to load some Palletised Goods from the Shaw & Son Industry into PRR Boxcars as in the original Built-In Tutorial 2 Session, where the loaded goods appear inside the Box Cars.

Have tried setting up Queues etc and have also tried adding a "Multiple Industry New" Track over the original industry track but can't get the Boxcars to load. Would be grateful for any other ideas please. Thanks
It could be that the industry queue and the boxcar queue do not specify the exact same commodity. There are so many with very similar names.

Regards/ Tom
Thanks but how do I do this? Another Springfield Industry makes Industrial Pipe Stacks and various other products but none of them appear in either the Queue or Product List of the "Multiple Industry New" track. Is it possible to add Products to this list? Also how do I find which railcars are associated with the product?
I ran a check and the assets Industrial Pipe Stack 01 and Industrial Pipe stack 02 are builtin items in TS12 and wont show in any MIN listings.
No idea why not though. The MIN config doesn't list allowed assets just groups with no entries. sorry not able to help.
"Thanks but how do I do this?"

In Surveyor you have to tick the questionmark and then tick the boxcar , a screen appears and tick the on the plus sign .
Then you will see a lot of "goods" , go search for palletised and tick that and your wagon is ready.
In driver go to commodity picker , select the product and tick on the wagon .
You can't load 'Industrial Pipe Stack 01' or 'Industrial Pipe Stack 02'. Both are scenery items, and only products are loadable.

Thanks for all your help, I'm just starting to get the hang of it so will keep trying. Just one last thing, is there any way that the Multiple Industry Track can be split into 2 parts, one for unloading and one for loading?

Thanks, Richard
Once again guys, thanks for all your help. I've now managed to pick up some oil drums and lumber from one industry and drop them off at Shaw and Son then load some general goods at Shaw & Son for onward transport. The only small problem is that I can't load Palletised Goods (which is what Shaw and Son produce) and think that it's due to the flatcar I'm using. I've added Palletised Goods to the flatcar but it still doesn't work although I have managed to do a straight load without the drop off using the same flatcar on a different train. Anyway at least it loads something and works ok so will continue trying things out and see where we get. Many thanks for all your efforts and I have your download safely on my laptop Phil.
Check out the 50ft,60ft and 86ft -ii industrial Goods boxcars.
They carry just about everything you would need to move.