No way to upgrade Trainz 2019 to SP3 in Steam

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Problem solved: I submitted a support ticket and was given a license for the Mac version of the game for direct download. This solved the problem and is an example of great customer support.


Edit: It looks like there is no Mac SP3 patch for Steam. Not fun. I'm not going to re-buy this game just to get SP3. :(

It's here! The latest service pack update for TRS19 has been released.

Build numbers are:
111951 for PC
111952 for Steam PC (no Mac patch)
111956 for Mac (Big Sur required)


I'm not sure where to post this, but I cannot find any way to upgrade my SP2 version of Trainz 2019 to SP3 in Steam (Mac OS). My Big Sur install is updated to the latest version, and I tried re-downloading Trainz, and checking in the beta and versions section of Steam, and nothing works. I tried Google and searching this form for an answer and didn't see one. My build version is 110504.

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The update should be automatic if it is available which it might not be for the Mac version on Steam. In fact, I was forced to update when the PC version was available on Steam.
This was in a report posted 19 February 2021

Mac on Steam
For Mac users, the sad news is that Steam do not currently support Apple Silicon and it appears they have no current plans to do so. This means we're unable to update the current version and with Apple not supporting OpenGL any longer, you'll need to switch over to our Trainz Store version.
Please contact helpdesk if you would like to switch your Mac build over from Steam.


For Mac users, the big change is the introduction of support for Apple Silicon along with our engine now being fully ported to Metal. Most users will see an improvement in frame rates. If you see a drop in performance please check that your dedicated GPU is selected.
IMPORTANT: This means that your hardware needs to be able to run Metal, which also means running Big Sur. So for some older Mac's, Apple have pretty much made it impossible for developers to update games and retain compatibility (choices are you either remain on the current version with OpenGl or upgrade your hardware)
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