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already have uploaded to p.a. for approval and got that too,but it showed up on 2004 dls instead of 2010 dls.

done downloaded from 2004 dls then icon(computer) showed already installed but in different route/session folders not in j.r folder(jointed rails[ multiplayer on the mojave]).

is there any wrong input or may have try again with little fixes on version update?

what do you think? :confused:
The web-based DLS has been the same layout virtually since TRS2004.

It may be worth checking that your session has the route you wish it to run on as a dependency (right-click, View Dependencies)

Also, remember that it takes a day or two for new assets to appear as available to download in Content Manager.

modified session for

already uploaded and approved my modified version"multi-player on the mojave - robear v2.

located in dls 2004...why is there instead of current dls?

downloaded my version on 2010 trainz and came with lot of missing dependencies. but not yet on '12 trainz.

do i need to have reference map to go with it to upload it?
how do i get or place the map and make together on cdp?
Firstly, the web based DLS page is the same for all versions.

Secondly, for a session to be usable in multiplayer, the following must be met:

  • The route must be either built-in or downloadable from the Download Station.
  • The session must be either built-in or downloadable from the Download Station.
  • All dependencies must be either built-in, downloadable from the Download Station, or a combination of both. This means that payware assets cannot be used, unless they happen to be built-in to Trainz or also available for free from the Download Station.
  • All assets must be unmodified - basically, it must be the same as the built-in copy (if built-in) or as it is on the Download Station.
I can only find one upload from you, which is the Multiplayer on the Mojave v1. Think it should've been there no mather if all depencies are on the DLS or not. But if you check the "Make content Invisible" it will not show up. However your session on the DLS has a v1 kuid.

If you're uploading using the preview mode, you'll have to confirm it once it has been approved. Do this by entering Planet Auran -> Select "your content" on the left hand side. Then I think you should go to the "preview area" and approve you upload.
I actually now found the v2, but using a new v1 kuid. Anyway this was in Content Manager, but here I didn't find the first version.

A suggestion: If you'd like to have the new version replace the old one, add an obsolite table to the new one containing the old kuid. Or even easier if you'd just edited the .cfg file using "Edit in explorer" and changed the kuid by adding 2 and a version numer at the end, which makes something like this: kuid2:86842:100042:1.

See you have unknown depencies in this session which makes it unusable for multiplayer. Search for <kuid:86842:100040>, and see if you can replace this asset with something similar or get it uploaded as well.
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I see this unknown asset is made by you as well, so you can just upload this asset as well, and all should be well.
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