Missing KUIDs... even though they're there


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On TRS22 SP1, Build 119463. Some of the assets I've got installed - including some of my own assets - randomly became "Modified/Packaged/Third Party, Missing dependencies". Some of the assets did somehow get deleted sometime during the update. Some, like the SAR 930 from 2001, have all of the dependencies installed but it's still labelled as faulty. Any help sorting this out?

EDIT: Just had a look at some of the things in "My Content". Some old routes I made in Trainz Mobile that were uploaded to the DLS are labelled as "Unknown location". I don't have an FCT activated right now, so I'll have to wait while the assets for the "faulty" ones are downloading, but I got no idea why they said "Unknown location". Especially since the online DLS clearly shows they're still there. Anyone else got this problem?
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I downloaded the SAR 930 locos <kuid:-25:97> and <kuid:-25:98> and they show in TS22 with no errors or warnings. I also searched the DLS with your username and your assets show as on the DLS not unknown location.
Weird. Must be something going wrong on my end. I went to try and download the M120 Model Railroad Baseboard templates, but none of them show up. Same deal with my assets - show up on the DLS website, not in CM. No idea what's happening, but thanks for letting me know it doesn't seem to be a widespread issue.
When I have an asset that claims missed dependencies, but when I list dependencies they are all there and none are faulty, I open the asset for edit, submit edits, revert to original and that has (so far) kicked CM in the butt to recheck and clear the asset as OK.

That's with TRS19, but I'd imagine it may well apply to 22 as well.