Database rebuild errors


I’m using TRS22, having recently upgraded to build 123794. A few days ago I did an EDBR, which gave 37 errors “Failed to download precached data for package sc495f_2 at version 104441 for platform 1_7” (the “5f_2” part varied).

I had recently had to resort to cancelling Trainz with the Windows 10 task manager, so I thought that perhaps this had corrupted my installation. So I decided to recreate 123794 from scratch, downloading it from the online installer. I then downloaded all the missing assets that were available on the DLS, and installed various other assets which I knew I needed.

At this point a DBR gave no errors, but I still had 19 missing dependencies for my route. So I continued to install packages from the content store which I knew might have some of these missing dependencies. I installed these ones:
  • ECML Kings Cross to Edinburgh 1976
  • ECML Edinburgh to Dundee
  • Additional TANE assets for TRS19
  • Liskeard to Looe
  • Kickstarter County 2
  • Kickstarter County TAN
The first 4 all reduced the number of missing dependemcies, but the Kickstarter County ones didn’t. At this point I did another DBR, but this now gave 7 errors similar to the above. Unfortunately I didn’t do a DBR in between installing each package, so I don’t know which one added the assets which caused the problem.

So what’s going on? Should I worry about these errors? Could this be a 123794 issue? I did observe some strange behaviour recently but that might just be that I needed to twiddle trackmark positions etc. Any suggestions welcome.

Have you checked for any out-of-date assets? or open for editing.
After a shutdown check Trainz for any open for edit assets and commit them.
You can ignore the precache package error. According to Tony Hilliam, this is a "normal" error due to content being a higher version than what the server has cached.
Thank you Stagecoach and JCitron for you responses. There were 127 assets open for edit - I committed them all, but a DBR showed the same errors.

Not sure about out of date ones? There are 820 of them - I tried to download them all, and 159 remained. A DBR then gave 36 of the "precache" errors, almost the same number as I'd had originally.

I just might have to ignore them - but I don't like it much.