merging splines


since 10 Aug 2002
One of the annoyances with TransDEM generating splines is that it inserts too many spline joints. When a curve doesn't follow a normal arc this is helpful but in many cases, I would rather have tracks follow their own path around a curve (never mind transitions and fixed radius)
As per
Merge Splines
Removes the selected endpoint between two segments and merges the segments into one only). Two segments can also be merged by deleting a selected endpoint with the Delete key
This is fine to remove one joint at a time but when dozens have to be removed, it can get tedious. Is there a way to merge multiple joints in a series at once?
I am all too familiar with your situation. I have not been able to do it. you can multi select many spline points, but using the delete function from the context menu, or hitting the delete key will only remove one of them.

It took me all day to remove unnecessary spline points from conway yard...
What about the old "copy a bit of blank terrain" and paste it (using the paste-splines-only option) over the section of spline points you don't want. Then fill in the now empty segment with one length of the spline.