Images2TGA File Not Found


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Just recently reinstalled Images2TGA to try and do some reskinning however, whenever I try to edit any of the maps I am greeted with an error message on saying "The file could not be found." As well 'C:\Program Files (x86)\PEVSoft\Images2TGA\tempimage.bmp' following the error message. Not sure what tempimage.bmp is as it is not found within both files.

For reference, I am running Images2TGA 1.32. Not sure where to put this thread so sorry if this is the wrong place to put it.
Now it seems that tempimage.bmp is just completely missing when trying to open it normally, is there a way to have tempimage.bmp to stay in the Images2TGA folder permanently?
This somehow fixes the problem, however it is a bit tedious to open it as administrator each time.
I'm glad it worked.
You don't have to click for administrator all the time.
Open up the folder where the program installed to.
Choose properties.
Click on the Compatibility Tab.
Check the checkbox Run as Administrator.
Click Apply
Click OK.

Try for kicks to make sure it works.