Amending a kuid without opening & submitting the config file.

I am in the process of transferring my routes from 19 to 22 but have come across a problem with the AWS files. In 19 I had amended the config file of the awslib to change the buzzer noise with no problem. However in 22 doing the same thing brings up the old texture.txt file error and I cannot proceed. I have tried using the pevsoft utility to correct it but it will not function. I seem to remember from way back that there is a procedure to amend the kuid without opening & submitting the config file but I have been unable to locate it. Can anybody point me in the right direction ?

Tony Howard
Do you want to increment the asset version?

In Content Manager, highlight the asset you want to update.
Click on the Content menu item at the top.
Click on Create new version.

I don't know how to slipstream asset KUIDs though, if that's what you are asking.
Just for clarity, you fixed an asset in TRS 19 and are unable to do the same fix in TRS22? Can you just export the fixed asset from TRS19 to CDP and load it into TRS22? You may have to delete the current broken one in TRS22, or maybe export it for safe-keeping and then delete it. Or does 22 have a newer version? I have version :9 in TRS19, and List Asset versions does not show anything newer for me, nor does DLS, which may not if it is built-in to 22. I do understand that 22 has again changed asset files somehow, so maybe the PevSoft does not work at all for 22? ( Another thing for me to think about!)