I'm new to Trainz and trying to figure out the controls


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Hi all, I'm new to this game and used to play the other game TS and TSW. Got the gold membership to try out all the options this game to offer and the route editor (surveyor) sounds fascinating.

The control mapping is different and I found more or less the control profile used in this game through options and know the driving buttons, brakes, horn, etc.

One thing I couldn't find is the button for looking out of the window while driving in the loco, like on the steam engines as visibility past the boiler is not so great. Also changing seats between driver/fireman and moving around the loco to check some valves, fire level, tender water level, etc.

Also, how do I check the consist situation like the wagon handbrakes, airbrakes, etc? I noticed vacuum brakes are not implemented 100% yet and will focus on airbrake simulation for time being.
You can change the in cab views by pressing the "[" "]" keys. What views are available are determined by the creator of the loco so some have many views and some have less views. Sorry, I don't know about the brakes.
When you open a route click on the system menu icon and select settings. Click on the general section and make sure you have the free-roaming camera ticked. This allows you to move around with the up/down and left/right keys.