I would like you all to confirm something for me regarding Post-Processing settings.


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When I've used 'Ultra' PP settings, my CPU usage increases to about 50-55% compared to other settings. This in turn causes more stutters and poor frame rates. Setting the PP settings to high, with all other settings the same as before, the CPU usage drops down to a more reasonable 20-30% with much better performance.

I'm wondering if this is a bug, and is the cause of the complaints about stuttering we're seeing here in the forums. If it's a bug, I'll definitely report it, but I want to confirm this before I do.

My "good" performance settings are as follows:

Shadow quality: High
Main shadow resolution: 4096
Shader quality: Standard
Texture detail: Normal
Post processing: High
Detail scenery: Clutter + TurfFX
Antialiasing: 4x

Check boxes:
Use multiple threads: Checked
Process objects behind camera: Checked

In game settings:

Maximum Draw Distance: 8000 m
Process Objects Behind Camera (checked)
Scenery Detail: High
Tree Detail: Normal
Post Processing: High

These settings may or may not be optimal for everyone, and not everyone runs densely packed routes so the draw distance may vary I also have an older (sic) CPU a 5830 instead of the latest, although I have a GTX1080Ti. It could be that with my older CPU, it's being over driven by the extra data required for the PP and can't keep up with the video card.

So if others can fiddle with the PP settings and lower them from Ultra (if they have it set to that) to something lower and let me know what kind of CPU load they're seeing in both cases, I'd appreciate it.

What I will do is reference this thread, along with my own data, in a bug report if it's warranted.

Hi john,

had a quick try and no drop in CPU average around 40% with my route running same as before with all sliders high or ultra and 8x.

Happy holidays and happy trainzing.

Ning and Roy:wave:

have i7 6700 4Ghz,32GB ram,Win 10 64bit,asus strix GTX1080 series and 4 ssd drives each net 476GB.
good fps and good performance with draw 15k and rest all max settings.
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Using the same settings as you are John, with Post processing on Ultra 40% with it on low 35% doesn't seem to be any different really I usually have it on low as it doesn't seem to be of any benefit.

Goes up to 50% and 40% if I run Fraps, that give anyone a clue? I don't usually monitor Frame Rates or anything else unless there is an obvious problem.
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Thank you for the input. It looks like I'm not suffering from anything weird. It must be my older CPU which is working a bit harder, therefore, there's more utilization.
What is your CPU ? That could explain very cpu usage I have on this game (more than 85 % sometime 100 ! depending the place and if the train is moving or not).
What is your CPU ? That could explain very cpu usage I have on this game (more than 85 % sometime 100 ! depending the place and if the train is moving or not).

Intel i7-5830 Extreme. It's the equivalent of a mid-range Xeon, but much older today than when I got it a few years ago.