HD Terrain invisible (Philskene's Clear Lake Route).


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G'day All,

I've got a strange issue where, when I open @philskene 's latest route, Clear Lake, which he has done to show off the new HD terrain, there's no ground at all. Even the second versions which he uploaded more recently.

My Install is Trainz Plus, and my build number is 122411. I thought I had access to the new HD terrain as part of my plus subscrition?

I can't even move around the map. It behaves as though there's no ground there at all.

Has anone else seen this or have any suggestions?

As Phil said in his announcement thread, it works in Trainz Plus build 123315. Clearly N3V has changed something again in the route file design. We are due a new stable build this month so maybe it will work in that build. It should be Trainz build 5.4 but Phil changed the build number in the config.txt to 5.3 in hopes that it could work in other builds but it doesn't.
Hi Piere --

You will actually find there is now a :3 version on the Download Station. In the Description I added the text:

"The layouts will work in Trainz Plus Build 123315. They probably will work in future versions of Trainz Plus. They may work in earlier versions of Trainz Plus and possibly updated versions of TRS2022."

Note the "will", "probably", "may" and "possibly". You have no idea how frustrating it is for me to have to use such vague wording. I'd much rather be able to say will / wont. But, hey, this is Trainz. Always has been, always will be.

There is a discussion in this thread, Post #10 onwards:
G'day Phil,

Thanks for your persaverance with creating more great content for us. It's the :3 versions which I have currently installed.

Thanks also for the link to the other thread.

I hope there's an update from N3V that will allow us to check out your latest creations soon.