Mixing HD Terrain and 10M Terrain


I thought it was a good idea until I had a look after the fact. The screenshot below is typical of the seam between the two types of terrain in a mountainous region. Never had an issue with visible seams between 10M and 5M. Now I don't know which way to go. Go back to 10M and 5M or press through and do the whole route with HD Terrain. I don't like either option. I just converted around 150 baseboards to HD and my route jumped from 1820MB to 1963MB. Converting the whole route would balloon it to the 10s of GBs which is unmanageable.
I would go back to the 5-meter grid. You lose some of the benefits of HD terrain but the file size is pretty manageable and there's none of the other weirdness that comes with it.

There is still a seam between 10-meter and 5-meter grid baseboards. It's not as visible but it's there.
It is NOT RECOMMENDED that you mix HD Terrain with 5m/10m terrain in the same layout. There are visual "artifacts" (as shown in your image) where the HD terrain meets the 5m/10m terrain.

In short, it is ALL HD or NONE.
Well I have to give up on the HD Terrain for now. Just for curiousity, I converted the whole route to HD Terrain. The size was not as huge as I expected it to be. It topped out at 3.8GB. All of the visual artifacts disappeared and the jelly like motion of the PBR textures disappeared. Placing textures and manipulating ground with high precision was a pleasure.
On the downside, it takes around 18-20 minutes to do an incremental save and that is using a SSD for the program and route.
Also a big negative is the 16 texture limit. I added some textures to a baseboard and then saved only to come back in and all of my changes had disappeared due to the baseboard already being maxed out on textures. No warnings of any kind about texture limits.
The new water was proving a bit buggy. I would manipulate the height, but nothing changed visually. I could run the selection area cursor over the changed height location and the cursor would move up and over the change as if it was there, but the actual water surface did not change visually. It eventually did change a few minutes later.
I hope N3V will do some improvements, especially the texture limit issue and the route save time.
The HD texture limit per baseboard is a hardware issue and will remain with us until we all get GPUs with Terabytes of storage and 128bit CPUs 😄

The height of the water effect layer is easy to manipulate with the brush tool for a local area but if you try to adjust the height of an entire water effect layer after it has been added you will run into problems. If I need the height of the layer set to anything other than the default I set it in the Edit Effect Layer properties for the Water Effect Layer when it is added to the route, not after it has been added.

For now I am restricting the use of HD terrain to small new routes and I am not trying to convert existing large 5m/10m routes to HD.