Driver Commands Whooooosh! All gone


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TRS2600. Under Sessions/Driver Command. How easy is it to loose the command files either accidentally or on purpose?? The heading is there, “Driver Commands”. Left click and all that comes up is a grey box wanting to be edited. What would I have done to create this problem and can it all be rebuilt easily.

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No. Had the system off. Turned on, loaded my session. It was my test session that I use when I find something new on the forum. Tried to send my driver to do something but there were no commands. Blank. All other built in sessions and one original I was starting had the command menu. Nothing new was downloaded, no new paintshed. Just, Whoooosh!! all gone. :eek:
Try deleting the Assets.tdx file and let CMP rebuild it. This will load the contents back as it reads your downloaded items and other assets in your local folder. Once that's done, your driver commands may reappear.