i have a first class ticket, yet i cant seem to be able to download anything i have trainz 2004 and want to download extras
can anyone help ? i have logged in and i used too be able to download but not now:(
What is your route config file Trainzbuild numeral, when you create a "New Route" ?

Blanking out your UN & PW, and saving, as blanked out ... shutting down Trainz
Restarting Trainz, re-entering your same identical UN & PW ... saving

Edit Account at Planet Auran: Edit Password: highlight it ... and re-enter the same identical password ... save

Edit your profile (making no changes) and saving your profile

Your EMail address, UN & PW are case sensitive ... what you entered in when you originally registered the game in 2006, the identical information must be used today in 2013
sorted problem out , i formatted trainz 2004 then downloaded it again, now i can download extras, cheers everyone for your help.