How is Plus working when I didn't pay for it?


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I noticed that Plus was available in the product downloads yet I only bought Trainz 22 PE last year. I downloaded it and waited, and booted it and logged in and it worked. I thought you had to pay for a subscription in order for it to work? And I was able to download the N3V Amtrak Superliners for nothing. I can boot the game and create a new route as well. I thought maybe they gave me access to the Plus download because I bought the more expensive Trainz 22. I was just wondering why I had access to it, but if it was a mistake, I didn't want to alert the higher ups like Tony and Zec to it if I wasn't really supposed to have it. The subscription costs over $100 a year. The Superliners are much better than the ones by JosefPav and PerRock. They have better interiors and the windows are transparent from the outside. I'm wondering if I can use them in regular Trainz 22 by saving them as cdp's and importing.
Oh, a year. Maybe that is why it is enabled on my account, why I was able to download the installer and run it. But, I wanted it mainly to get the nice Amtrak Superliners. I guess those are incompatible with Trainz 22 PE and any route I build in Plus will be incompatible with 22 PE as well and I will lose access to the Amtrak set and the route that I build in Plus in a year until I subscribe. I didn't realize there was an offer for a free year of Plus if I bought the latest version of PE. Was that a limited time offer?
I bought my Trainz22PE just before Christmas and didn`t get Plus either. I believe that the free Plus offer had already expired by then. I did get a nice deal on the price of 22PE, though, through an offer that they e-mailed to me. (I don`t know if the deal was open to everyone, or just people who had received the e-mail, which probably went out to a lot of lapsed users.) Amongst the "awesome stuff" that I got with mine was a thirty-day First Class Ticket. I tried to make heavy use of it, and think that I did pretty well in that department.