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All, I have found the Push Pins I want to use: It has been a long time that I have used the Download Station. I have tried to Download the Push Pin file. I have failed would someone be so kind as pointing me in the right direction. Do you have to have a First Class Ticket to download anything?

You should be able to download them using CM in TANE upwards. The speed will be slow without a FCT but it does work. You cannot download from the DLS in a most web browsers any more without taking special steps. Most browser makers removed the ftp function from their browsers. I believe the ones you want are made by martinvk and are surveyor only assets.

There is the filter to see Martinvk's assets named Push Pin on the DLS.
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Thanks Christopher824 for the reply. I haven't been using Trainz much in recent years. I am trying to build the Seaview Railroad into Trainz 2019, Where would I find Content Manager and how to use it?

On your launcher window there is a button called "Manage Content". Click that. Click on the top of a column to sort by that column. The upper left will say "Installed". Select "Download Station" to see the DLS assets. Use the search box on the right to search for items. You can also right-click the column headers and add other columns of information. If you see something you want on the DLS, right-click and select "Download". You can also CTRL-click and shift-click for multiple selections, but if you don't have an FCT don't get carried away, as you could be downloading all night and into tomorrow. I am guilty of this all the time. :eek:
I have downloaded the file: <kuid:243828:1938> C+ SO Note (Track) White Nameable to my Trains 2019 Content Manager, it shows up on my list of assets, It says from Download. I have going into the game Content Manger, it does not show up.What am I doing wrong? I think I have to commit the asset. I have right clicked on the asset it there is no option to commit the asset. Help!!!
Thanks for any help anyone can give!!
That item is found under track objects (signals) in-game. It is placed on the track and is invisible in driver mode. Used to make nameable reminders.
stagecoach, I went into my TRS 2019 program, its is not listed. I have gone into Content Manager within the game and have found it listed. The Name in the column is correct, the Status column says: Install from DLS, Asset Column has the correct kuid Info. If I remember correctly I remember having to commit what I download from DSL? If I do have to commit the asset where do I do that?? I have not found anywhere to do that. Help would be greatly appreciated!!
Everything you download with Content manager is automatically committed unless you already have it installed. Then it will show a status of "Open for edit", in that case you right click and choose Revert to Original. Click on the Watch on YouTube button at the bottom left of the player to see it in HD resolution.

Maybe this will help.

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wreeder, thanks for replying so quick!! I have gone into Manage Content in the main screen and it shows the same Asset Name, Status says Installed From DLS, the kuid number is correct. When I go into the Route I am building to use this Asset it is not listed. I am at a loss for what to do next, more help would be appreciated!!

As I said earlier it is a track object. Where are you looking for it in the route?
This asset shows as built-in on my TRS19.

All built-in
<kuid:243828:1936> C+ SO Note (Track) Blue Nameable
<kuid:243828:1937> C+ SO Note (Track) Gold Nameable
<kuid:243828:1940> C+ SO Note (Track) Red Nameable
<kuid:243828:1938> C+ SO Note (Track) White Nameable
<kuid:243828:1934> C+ SO Note (Track) Yellow Nameable
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I am in Content Manager off the Trainz startup menu. In the Filter Box I put in: Installed, the box to the right of the filter box I put the description of the asset: C+ SO Note (ScMilti) White Nameable. I pushed enter and the Asset came up on a list with 2 other assets. In the Name column: It had C+ SO Note (ScMulti) White Nameable, In the Status column it says: Installed from DLS, In the Asset column is has the correct kuid number <kuid:243828:1938>. When I go into the route I am working on I do not find the asset. I have typed in the Kuid number and the description into the Track and it doesn't show up. When I double clicked the item in Content Manager it came up on Asset Details: It can be found on the Track Menu. Track Mode button. I went into Track and I can not find the asset.

I must be in the wrong place!!

Continued help would be appreciated!!!