CSX Electrification?


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I reside in the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area, and I've heard a series of rumours of CSX Electrifying most of their Florida Trackage. Is this true? It may help Orlando and Tampa Boost ahead in their Commuter Rail Systems.

Here is the commuter rail system info:

Area: Orlando-Metro Operator: CFRail
From: DeLand To: Kissimee & Poinciana Visit: www.cfrail.org

Area: Tampa Bay-Metro Operator: TBARTA
Where: Several lines including one block from my house :shock:
Visit: www.tbarta.com

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Isaac Marchant grove
What power would they use down there? if they use electrics there when they change ove to diesel trackage it is more costly due to running 2 types of traction, plus it will add more time to a schedule, if they do actually electrify it how are they going to cope when the hurricane season hits? they will have downed wires left, right and centre thus costing even more money.
RE: CSX Electrifiation

Hi! I guess you're right hurricanes would stop all services. That'd be terrible I mean I lost power for bout 2 1/2 months becuase of progress energy..... but just imagine losing you're power and getting soooo boooorrrred you want to go out because you can't due to the fact that the trans are ellectric and the power's out sssssoooooo BUMMER!
I hope they still do it despite weather and costs. it'd be a help to TBARTA and CFRAIL If they go bankrupt and then TBARTA wioll Take over CSX in TAMPA BAy and CF RAIL in orlando. Tri-Rail-- currently running-- In miami!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

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CSX electrification would be a massive project, and it would take years. The capital expenditure would be staggering. Nothing of that magnitude could be kept under wraps for long.

If it were to happen, there would be a lot of press references. Google reveals nothing current, so if someone in CSX management really is tossing it out to see who shoots it down, it has likely not gone beyond the "What if?" stage.

It probably is just a rumor. If you want to be automatically informed, set Google News up to tickle you with a Google Alert on the term CSX Electrification.
I just can't see CSX investing in electrification. I mean, it's CSX. CSX! The only railroad to have a hate site put up about it!
CSX can't even maintain their track, let alone catenary:

If CSX traffic under the wire, the wires will fall almost immediately due to lack of maintenance.
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I Never thought of it! 3rd Rail. Speaking of "3rd", how's your CTA train going? And also, are you a member of simtropolis? I thought I saw a screammingman there! ah, well!

Isaac grove
wont 3rd rail reduce co2 emmissions?

Yes and no. All forms of railway electrification both reduces, and causes co2 emissions. You see the power that the trains use has to come from somewhere and the USA is still very paranoid about building nuclear powerplants...although thats going to change in the next 10 years. As of right now, more coal, and natural gas powerplants would have to be build to power this network. In turn this would naturally cause more co2 emissions.

The real reduction in co2 would be from keeping the diesels from running, but they're a heck of alot cleaner than a powerplant :p