CDP&CMPA files integrity check?


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Hi to everyone,
I just recovered my HDD from failure, but due to some defected HDD sectors I am not 100% sure, if some files are corrupted or not. Does anybody know about some tool checking more cdp and cmpa files integrity at once? Thanks for any suggestion.
Sadly, this doesn't sound to good. At the moment, I don't think there's a way to recover data from Trainz archives other than opening them in Content Manager and hoping they can be opened.

I would suggest replacing that hard drive with new one. Usually when a drive shows bad sectors, there are usually more on the way. They spread like mold and mildew in a wet cellar.

Well, files moved to safe place on other HDD, but I would need to know if some of them damaged or not and it is impossible to check it by trying to import each to Trainz since there is thousands of files in my archive.