BNSF for Trainz Projects/Screenshots

Firstly I would like to address this whole situation and clear it up. Firstly the sketch up model isn't ours we never claimed it to be ours. Secondly we do actually have a real Dreyfus mesh in our possession that we are working on as a side project but never was meant to be seen until now it wasn't ready for a pic but to clear this up I will post it bellow this along with other progress shots that I haven't shared with anyone.

To set the record straight I when I started out modeling way back in 2012 I had that Dreyfus but I did modification's to it and actually practiced animations on it that was a long time ago and since then it was abandoned, until just 6 months ago I brought light on it again however with my better skills as a modeler I decided to maybe restore it and actually make a nice streamlined locomotive for this community.

Since it is my first take on it isn't perfect hopefully all of you can realize that I wasn't intending for this to spark a wild fire.




Anyways im at my grandma's house right now and service is really crappy. I wish you all the best Christmas and a happy new year or whatever you celebrate.
It looks awesome, hope it comes out in the future.

Also this would be a great streamlined engine for the community :) .

I'll give points for "rookie mistake"

1. the thread almost 2 years old and thread bumping is discouraged.

2. Being "dead" for this long likely means this asset is vaporware.

3. Please register any Trainz versions you have to improve the availability of posted assistance as most posters here have a strong view on Trainz being legal. Registration will prove this, the button on the top of the page"Register" is where to go, and use the same log-in as you did for this forum. Input you Serno,( if not digi-DL) and you are on the way to a great virtual hobby.

IF this is still a project in work, feel free to correct me.