Seattle/PNW Content for Trainz


Cascades Apologist
Hey. everyone! I finally decided to use my forum account! Anyways, onto what I wanted to talk about!

I'm tackling that DEM-created Seattle-Tacoma route once more. I've reinstalled TRS22 and it's been a blast. This is probably the fifth time I've attempted to make this route since I first played TS12, so a little less than a decade! I actually had to reinstall TS12 just to save the route as .cdp to then transfer it to TRS22. Fun stuff. Do not miss the clunkiness of TS12's DLS. That's besides the point, however.

My point is even after the near-decade I've been playing Trainz, there has little to no Seattle-specific content made! We've got some Sounder content, and there's even a few Cascade items on the DLS. I feel like there's a lot to explore within my little corner of railroading. Working on that route however many times has made me yearn for some properly modeled Cascade Talgo sets, or an updated F59-PHI model. However, the content we have now is very dear and actually quite nostalgic to me. I've used it plenty of times and it never gets old. The updated Superliners in TRS22 are also an awesome treat and were a massive help in getting my Coast Starlight consist made.

Anyways, that's where I'll leave that! I'll make sure to post some route progress here if anyone is interested! I remember a very, VERY old thread from years ago that I bumped after three years before I knew proper threadiquette, so for that I formerly apologize!
Is there a point to this post! To complain about the lack of obscure "Seattle" content! To wildly over use exclamation points!!!!!!!

Look, I love that area of the country too and would love to see more content for it in Trainz. Maybe gather up some images and post them in the JR subforum as a request. You never know what will happen.
I am always interested on PNW routes, having lived my whole life in the Northwest. It will be interesting to follow progress if you post screenshots. I have collected some SP&S along the way (maybe too dated for your time period? MILW would be even older) as well as GN, and NP, and I have seen UP/CPR trains pulling grain trains north from Portland, so lots to choose from!!!!!! (that's for WReeder!!!):hehe:
Maybe when your eyesight begins to cause you problems and you use a screen reader to read text online you'll have a greater appreciation for the proper use of punctuation. The exclamation point is meant to indicate that what was just read is important and the screen reader pauses for three seconds to indicate that importance. The same is true for people that use more than 3 dots in an ellipsis and you get this output, blah blah blah dot dot dot dot dot. Now I could just add the OP to my ignore list but I am actually interested in what he has to say.
Well stated sir, and I apologize for my misplaced humor. I used to use the ellipsis more than necessary and quit that for this very reason.
There is a King Street Station on the DLS, isn't that the Seattle Amtrak station? Or did you find that and download it already? There are a few Seattle buildings as well and two unfinished Seattle routes.