Northeast Corridor PHL-Wash Progress Shots

Not trying to be that kind of person that takes realistic scenery way too seriously but there's actually an asset for the Amtrak Susquehanna River Bridge in Perryville on the DLS. It's made by Bendorsey if you want to take a look at it.

A tad off topic but the real thing in action a few years back...

This looks really cool! Happy to see other Northeast Corridor routes being made for Trainz :D
Thank you--I was happy to see your project as well, you've done some fantastic work that I really admire. I hope to play on your route someday. If you ever want to collaborate and maybe work on this project send me a message!
Hi everyone. We've been hard at work on the Philly area, as we're hoping to release a remastered version of Philadelphia-Wilmington as our initial offering to the community. Photos are coming soon, I just want to get us a little further towards creating a convincing Philly.

The 'Philly' featured in the TS12 built-in has been almost completely torn down, and is basically being rebuilt from the ground up. Stay tuned!
So in light of the forums being down for an overhaul. I thought I'd ask, how much progress has been made since the last update?
It would be nice to have a route from Manhattan to DC as well as the CSX freight line from Philly to DC (ex-B&O). I have a DEM of Philly to DC from Fishlipsatwork's old site which is defunct and only available via wayback now, and not all the downloads work. He had larger versions of blank routes that are on the DLS and ones not available anywhere else. The Philly to DC blank route also has the CSX freight line from Philly to DC. And there is DEM from Philly to NY and up to New London, CT.