Big One's Cannon Car


Imagination At Work
Remember Galaxy Railways?

Yeah, that one with a steam locomotive that looks like a Big Boy?

Big One has spawned many reskins and custom models and kitbashes over the years, like the ones produced by a YouTuber called Kai.

All that's missing, is an updated cannon car available to the public.

I have a cannon car, but it's very very VERY outdated. Like, a lot. The wheels don't even ride on the rails.

I recently came across Charlie Studio's recent April Fools video that had a custom cannon car on it. Though when I inquired about it, he did stress it was a kitbash, and judging from the closeups, looks like he's using one of K&L's tenders as the basis, and then attaching cannon turrets on it.

Though I don't want to make it seem like I'm one of those gimme pigs, but I must stress: the general public needs an updated and accurate cannon car.
Hmmm........A bit of a blur for me, but I think it was something like...........hmmmmm....................................It's been a while since I last been to the site where I got it, so I couldn't tell you.

However, there is an associated video that StarFoxFan11 had done quite a while ago which showcased that cannon car.
hmm, I got nothing, but basically all you would have to do is make a simple kitbash with a block as the base with the cannon car skin on it, and at a couple of tender bogeys, and create some cylinders, and boom, cannon car, (im joking lol)
The funny thing about that is that's exactly what the old cannon car looks like.

But jokes aside, I think I'll follow Charlie's example for now, which means I'll need at least 3 well detailed cannon turrets that can fit.
ah ive remembered seeing these on youtube
this that flying trainz

problem is that the cannon car isnt even on the DLS and you know when things arn't on the DLS it neads alot of searching
Funnily enough that's the same cannon car I have rn, think it was on something like..............abbeysrailways jimdo or something like that. That was where I plucked it out of.

Seems that site might've been shut down. I couldn't find it anywhere.
Not surprising though. To make my own cannon car, I would need to attach turrets onto a model. My plan is to use one of K&L's tenders for this kitbash. The only thing missing are cannon turrets made to fit the dimensions. And I'm not really a good 3D modeler either.
honestly, the turrets are like a funnel, and then a wider funnel, and if you look at the funnel of say thomas, look at the bottom, so you could make it look like that. ill send a screen shot as an example

well actually, look at the bottom of a TTTE characters funnel, so picture that as the part in between the bigger and smaller cylinder. you see what I mean? or you could use cannons from cannnon car assets, either way, ya see what im sayin?
Yeah, but most chimneys don't have rifling. And literally the only assets I have that are cannon car is that extremely old rolling grey box with tubes on it. Its bogeys don't even touch the rail.

In order to pull this off, I would need something like a battleship turret.

come to think of it, theres lots of em around on the forums, and you could probably find one on the download station

Also this is kinda off topic but Kai not only built a bunch of Galaxy Railways trains, but he also built a model of the Yamato, which can be seen in one of Victor Tanzig's latest Sodor Shorts.

Yeah I know its off-topic, but its still kinda neat though.
Fear not. I’m planning a ton of Galaxy Railways models for an upcoming fan movie of mine, including Season Two’s Hiryu, a better track ring than the one from the DLS, and other stuff for public release