ALL Data For 11/19/23 Gone


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Finally had one of N3V's big failures. All of my data from 11/19 and today gone. Kaput. Routes and task files gone.
Just thought I would mention this in case N3V ever looks, or is even concerned, about their customers inputs.
I have CDPs from 11/19. That is always a shaky ill-designed process but it is all I have. That recovery is my next step.
Given some other customer issues I will humbly suggest that the latest build has serious flaws.

Another relaxing day with my favorite hobby. One or two more and N3V will loose a customer. Maybe they will send flowers.

Recovered from the CDPs - was surprised. That went without problems. In the past that was a thrilling event. Anyhow three local trains and a portal train performed well.
I have no idea why the data, for only the most recent activities, was lost. When you first discover something like this the dimensions of the problem is not apparent and a total disaster scenario begins to form. Very stressful. At 25 years of age, just another tech event, but at my age it is a shock.
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Hi Boleyd
In this case, it appears that Trainz has lost it's link to it's LocalData, if I'm reading your description correctly. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as the 'userdata-redirect-map.txt' file in your AppData on being removed/reset, the folder being renamed for some reason, or many other reasons, and very few of these we can actively prevent from happening... However the good news is that, unless something on your computer has actually deleted your LocalData folder, you should be able to relink Trainz to your LocalData folder here:

The recovery via CDPs worked as it should and all is well. The program is running without any problems. Edits to the route and drivers work fine. I feel confident that this is a stable situation and I can continue to enjoy Trainz without worry.