Error posting threads to the Suggestion Box-car?

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I tried to post this to the Suggestion Box-car board, and I ran into a technical issue multiple times:
First, I would like to thank you for making the saving and editing of Filters in the Content Manager much faster in Trainz22 current than it was in the last Win7 version. The filters themselves are fast enough, considering how much data they have to process. It would be nice, of course, if both the filters themselves and the editing/saving of them was even faster.

What I`m really here for, though, is to ask for an easy/convenient way to save and restore the filters themselves. Some people, myself included, have somewhat largish collections of custom filters, and having to create then from scratch in a new trainzbase is, at best, inconvenient, is error-prone, and can be quite time-consuming. If they are stored alone in a separate file, just telling us which file would fill the bill, but I have seen no candidate for such a file.

P.S. Trainz is the only model railroad simulator I have ever encountered, and I want to simulate model railroading, not real railroading.

Much, much appreciated for stepping up and rescuing Trainz when Auran went under. If we didn`t love the product so much, we wouldn`t complain about it so much; we`d just go elsewhere.

P.P.S. I apologize if this thread posts twice; your website "ran into problems" and told me that I had to wait before trying again. Unfortunately, trying again often results in double posts. Something else to look into, perhaps?

P.P.P.S. It happened again.
Actually, it happened three times. Is something wrong there? FYI, this is issue is not about the moderation there. The messages apparently never got that far.

Addendum: Is it possible that an unnoticed failure of my internet connection could do this? I had one of those at about that time, too.
Wasn`t the issue, as I posted above. The posting appeared to have never made it to the moderators: a technical issue. Meanwhile, a moderator told me in a private conversation that it actually had gone through -- twice! -- and the first approved and the second deleted. I (tried to) directed him here, to this thread, either to delete it or to comment on the technical side of how this happens. Thank you for your concern.
Everything posted in the Suggestion Boxcar ends up in an approval queue. There is sits nice and warm between all the spam posts that got stuck in the spam filter and you all never got to report.

Spam gets deleted from the approval queue and most suggestions get approved.

And before anyone notices how I wrote "most suggestions get approved":
Double posts get deleted (because you are by far not the only one that doesn't read the pop-up correctly or understands it correctly; or maybe it has changed so something silly since the forum upgrade).
Your general "gimmy this, make me that" stuff also gets deleted, just like conspiracy theories, "suggestions" that are actually just complains coated in curses, suggestions of functionality already in game (just not in your 2004 / 2009 / 2010 / ... version) and all those offers from Nigerian princes (I keep those for myself).

On request of the OP, locked.
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