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Gudday Aidan,

Thankyou for taking the time too outline the current state of affairs.

Its great that Yourself, James and Megan are still with us. As for your hopes regarding Rob, that would be terrific.

I can only hope that Rob will be back in harness, and as soon as possible as well. As it is a difficult time, we do need such as himself very much.

Too the Mods, Particularly Boco,

Sorry I left you with a cleen up in this thread. I'm afraid Outwest's comments were just over the top, and required a reply --- in kind. Sorry Guy's.:eek:

Cheer's everyone,


PS Mind you. It was nice too "see him off" in appropriate fashion.:hehe:
that we are their greatest asset.

Yes, Pete, that's what we all are, just more than customers, we are the future of Trainz, all the trainzers should be uploaded to the DS as the main assets. ;)

I'm stepping steadily on the ground... Trainz is just a game but has also given many people a lot of glorious moments of satisfying enjoyment. And that's off-range of any economic evaluation.

From time to time we read on this forum (and on IBTZ too) how some trainzers are getting relief from unavoidable human losses or bad moments in their lives, even solitude. Yes, just a game but sometimes more than a game.

Keep gathered, trainzers.

Alberte :wave:
Hi Aidan
Its both refreshing and calming to hear Auran's side of the story.
Keep us informed and we'll be happy, we're all big lads and lasses here, so we can take the defeats as well as the victories.
Ok fine I confess

Ok Mike10 you caught me read handed no arguing with that.

So you caught me Mike10. If anyone wants me to leave this community tell me. Now I think I am a bad influence and no one really wants me here.:confused: :'(

Cheers, (maybe for the last time)

EDIT: I found this post by Ed and I think it really sums up what I'm trying to say. I guess.

Qoute by Euphod in this thread:

I often lose patience with the younger members of the community, but lately I've come to realize we are all only trying to "fit in". "snip"

I remember when I was new to the community myself, I remember my first community contributions, and I remember wanting to feel accepted, appreciated, even respected by these other faceless people in this electronic village. I know when the rest of my life was pretty bleak I turned here to get some friendship and some "ego inflation".

I imagine his life is a little bleak right now.

I urge patience.


Thanks Ed for the great post.
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Just send them a sorry e-mail. Or tell them sorry.

I have no grudges with you, So i have no problem with you.

Question! is Ed going to be a star form this statement?
What do you mean sorry email? To Lance and them? Who exactly?

Also do mean star in your question KC. Somewhat yes if thats what your asking.
Adam Its Not that Big of A Deal


I glad to see you here and was wondering where you went. This two faced business is rather silly and will be forgotten rather quickly if you let it. The funny thing is we probably all have been two faced at sometime and let the first without sin cast the first stone. What is going on at Auran is very serious. People who have contributed greatly to Trainz have losted their jobs and the future of Trainz franchise is uncertain. We all may have disagreed with different things at different times but we are still a community. Not us verses them. Let us pull together as a community and show our support.

Ahh...Here is another bit of wisdom "where there is no fuel the fire goes out"
A hard time

. . . it is always hard to lose something, or someone. They will be missed and that sorely. It is also difficult (for me at least) to distill from all the post preceeding mine, what I could possibly say that would be of value, or add to. May I just say as one who has been around since almost day 1 of TRAINZ, it has been a most wonderful ride. I, with most here, hope sincerely that the ride can continue. May those who've lost jobs during this time find the same success that happened to me several years ago, at a similar time of year, when I experienced the same thing. As I found a new job it turned out to be a career move that was better than I ever would of had in the previous place.

TRAINZ has become so much more than a "game", because of people like Lance, Alan and Rob and because of many, indeed most, of those who post in these forums. To all, my heartfelt wishes for a Merry Christmas and an even brighter New Year.
Hey remember in my initial post I said

Particularly when certain parts of Auran aren't really in that much financial trouble.

A lot of people have taken the wrong impression of this thread.

Aidan has assured me that the Trainz section of Auran is making profit and is likely to continue for quite a while. He explained that the DLS will be staffed, the forum will be fully supported in the new year and business will be as usual. I have no reason to doubt his genuinenss. The future of Auran was never in question and has nothing to do with the topic of the thread.

Every year, companies around the world release staff mainly for selfish reasons (i.e. they don't have to pay staff holiday pay and leave loadings when the business closes temporarily for the holidays). This invariably occurs at the worst time possible for any individual to lose their job and that time is at Christmas when extra strain occurs on the family budget. Christmas is supposed to be a time of great joy and goodwill amongst mankind to celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus in the Christian scheme of things.
What these companies continue to do, is in direct contravention of the true meaning of Christmas. THAT is the only point to this thread.

Why can't they downsize in July at the end of the financial year?

I am glad to see people have seized on the opportunity to use this thread to show a great tumult of support and best wishes for the men concerned.

It's OK titaniclover. We're not quick to judge here and it's not a one mistake world. Of course you're welcome here as you've always been. ;)


Ok Mike10 you caught me read handed no arguing with that.

I've tried to satisfiy others for the past 2 years and havent really done anything for me. My parents are letting me pick our presents I want. It's been really frustrating.

I do have a double face. I might have gone a bit extreme in that post over there, well I did.

I will say this, I do love Auran (sounds gross, yes I know). There products are very good and I'm satisfied with Trainz like so many others.

I do think though that they are a a bit risky though. Some decisions they have made I question and wonder what are they doing. But they seam to come out ok in the end.

I dont hate Auran or Trainz but I dont love them either.

So you caught me Mike10. If anyone wants me to leave this community tell me. Now I think I am a bad influence and no one really wants me here.:confused: :'(

Cheers, (maybe for the last time)

You were probably just angry and confused (like a lot of other Trainzers right now, with the exception of Outwest).

Just learn not to make hasty comments. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. :) You are welcome here as much as always. :)
Not all businesses end their financial year in July. The business I work for ends their financial year at the end of December, unfortunately many employees are let go at this time. My employer is an Evangelical Christian based nine member Hospital group, so you would think there would be more compassion around Christmas, but it's not so. Business is business.

Titaniclover, I read that thread "over there", and I would caution you to be careful of the company you keep. After reading some of the poisonous posts in that thread, I find I'm not quite so interested in the content of persons I once respected....and that saddens me.

KC, I'm not looking to be a "star". I've spread enough manure around these forums since 2001 to be considered a troublemaker. I've been open and honest about my criticism of Trainz and Auran, I've sent out "little digs" to individuals as well. I try to do so in good humor, but on a bad day, I've not been careful. I've posted badly on other forums about a multitude of subjects.

I like to think I can learn from past mistakes though, and sometimes I remember to really think about what I want to say before I post, and when I do that I find I can be patient, understanding and compassionate. The other 99% of the time.....not so much! I think we are all like that. In that other thread I must point out that The Drake is a prolific creator, has always taken time to help others, has been forgiving and courteous throughout the time I've known him, I think he just had a "bad day". That's once for him, and countless times for me!

We all come to this station weighed down with our own baggage....sometimes the porter is free and we don't have to carry it all, grumbling and irritable, sometimes there is no porter, and we let out our frustrations through our sharp words. Today the porter put my bags on his cart, and poor Dave had to muscle his own through the throng of passengers talking on their cell phones and dragging along screaming children.

Life is good.

Now is not the time to be divisive. No matter what we think of Auran or the current or former employees, or the Mods our common interest remains Trains and Trainz. If the DLS and these forums should collapse there will be other places we will gather. Even now at TrainzProRoutes, we are addressing needs and discussing the future possibilities, and how we will accommodate the community from the best case to the worst case scenario. We started the Download Depot, not to destroy the DLS, but to accommodate the community with redundancy and security. We are looking at our forums to see what can be changed to accommodate the community should the worst happen. In short, this group of like minded individuals will continue on in one form or another, and we all need to make our peace with each other....or risk splintering off into groups, some of which will inevitably become, well..."not so nice".

I've been to other game's forums, and none has impressed me more than this one in it's ability to maintain a friendly, civilized atmosphere in which to discuss our hobby.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Very well put Euphod, I couldn't put it better myself. You are right, we are all here because we love trains and Trainz. Should these forums collapse, People will move to different places to chat, and there are a multitude of places. Not to advertise, or name any in specific, (i am going to list one I hate for personal reasons) But places such as TPR, Platform 76, Trainz Commuter Rail, TER, North American Trainz, Steam Trainz Forums, and many others are all great places to chat, and the list still grows bigger. We all love trains and Trainz, and thats why we are all here to chat. We all start one issue somewhere or another, and I believe that most get sorted out. Now I know I havn't exactly been on these forums as long as other people, But I must say I have made more friends through here than any other online sites. So, I say good luck to all of those at Auran, And you have my support. To all of those in the community, I wish you all a Happy Holidays, and A Happy New Year as well.
I would just like to thank Aidan for the information and to wish all the remaining team a very happy Christmas and hopefully a happier New Year.

It's easy to criticize civility when anarchy requires no effort at all........
Who said so?
Anarchy is, should be, a way of life where you police of your self, responsible e a solidarity person.
Anarchy, as you say, is what we have today where everybody can do want they want justa because want to, without any care with OTHERS !
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