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This truly does leave me shocked.

The "fearless leaders" of Auran drain the profits from a successful project and sink it in an MMORPG (as if there aren't enough of those already) instead of improving an already great system! And then they close up EVERYTHING when the MMORPG flops? That's not just bad decision-making, that's stupidity to put all your eggs in one basket.

At hand, Lance, Alan, and Rob, you will be missed sorely. My regrets for what has happened and that the punishment should befall all and not just those responsible (always hated that about school...). You will all in my prayers along with all at Auran who have been "let go".

Also, regarding the fire damage to this thread: People, we do NOT need to react to this by celebrating (and then saying something to the effect of "I hope Lance, Alan, Boco, and UnNerved end up on the streets"*)! This is serious business, with real people with real lives being affected! This isn't an opportunity for us to bash the Company for its stupidity, this is an opportunity for us to all pull together to help in whatever way we can.

*Yes, someone really said that. Go to the USLW link above and read through the topic.

Okay, I'm done now.
Well these things happen all the time in the corporate world. We may not like them and the decisions of the leaders might seem inappropriate, or foolhardy, but they're final. Some other game company will get lucky with these three. Perhaps spawning a competitor product? Who knows (Don't quote that as fact! It isn't, just speculation!) Best wishes to them all.

Good Luck to the guys in finding jobs. I know it isn't a pleasurable experience. We here are in your debt for this product (with its bumps and bruises) but a fine product none the less, one which I'm still using right now :)

Again, best wishes, good luck, Merry Christmas and the like.
Lance,Alan and Rob:thank you for all the support you have given to the Trainzcommunity...I wish you all the best and hope that you will soon find new jobs!Greetz..
GOOD BYE prr001...and the rest of the Brew Crewboth past & present!!!

We all salute you... good luck to each of you with your future endeavours.
OH NO!!!

This is an utter disaster!!!:eek:

With Alan, Lance and Rob the Community as far as I can see is falling apart in this thread!! There is really no control.

The Community is unstable, we best be careful.
Boco, AJ and any of the other mods can hold us together but for how long....that's the question.'s him ok, Thanks AJ.

A so not very Merry Christmas.:'(
Happy Holidays Lance, Alan, and Rob. You served the community well while you were with us. We wish you the best of luck!

TCS Route Builder
I do not know quite what to say. I never had the computer on yesterday so I have missed some of the news.

To Lance, Alan and Rob all the best for the future and I am sure you will all have a future. Your work and talents over the years with Auran show that you all have what it takes to work in a hard and competitive area of the computer world.

Saying good bye to friends is always a hard thing to do, so I will not do it.

I'll just see you sometime, somewhere in the future.

Your friend

The Community is unstable, we best be careful.
Boco, AJ and any of the other mods can hold us together but for how long....that's the question.

If the Community wants to remain as a Community, it is not up to the mods. We're each individually responsible, and when you think about it, that situation is no different to before the recent announcements.

Posts are still rollicking along on the other forums.....especially encouraging is the way the Freeware and Screenshotz Forums continue to turn over and users are still announcing what they are working on and what they are going to release. The DLS is also still being updated daily.

Sure, it may be not perfect, but it's certainly a start.

Also check out some of the Trainz/TRS Forums outside of Auran's. I don't believe it's the full on doom and gloom many are predicting.

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And yet here:

You said "I hope Auran will be ok...but those idiots over there kiss the ass goodbye. (Lance ect.)"

Bit two-faced aren't you?


Hope you got your wish. Karma Is a *****.

And if i have this right, Alan, AJ, Rob And Lance. Are all gone. :'(

I talked to AJ and alan alot, If there's anything i can do to help you guys also have my 100% backup in your life.
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I don't believe it's the full on doom and gloom many are predicting.

Not at all as far as other communities are concerned, like ours at IBerTrainZ. Current versions 04, 06, or even TC are living binary beings and their potential value is still there, for years to go ahead. (Think about MSTS, just one version and becaming of age, with many people stubbornly stuck to it)

But let's be realistic, this community and forum depends on Auran's fate next week!

BTW, Does anybody know who's in charge of Auran's Trainz Division now? An administrator too? If not, some word from him/her would be nice.

Take care, let's try to be prudent and witty, avoiding speculation! Thank you to everybody for keeping being here. And our support to mods to keep going.

Alberte :wave:
...snip...Bit two-faced aren't you?

Bit two-faced aren't THEY ?
I was surprised to read so many negative posts re: Auran on these other sites. It is quite easy to figure out the aliases of some, and some of course use their Trainz name !

My thoughts ---DLR
Hi All,

This is a dark time for Auran, we have had to down size in all aspects of the company. Trainz is still going ahead the current Team is Me (Aidan) Lead Programmer/Co-producer, James Moody Programmer/Community Manager, Megan Berry 2D/3D Artist. Rob will be back very soon we hope too.

Trainz is going to continue to keep going ahead and it is very sasd to see these people go, but it was a decision that had to be made for the sake of the project. Trainz IP is held but Auran Games and this is a profitable company!!! Auran Developments which is a separate company is the company that when into adminstration this company hired all the staff, hence why they were all fired. Thus the Trainz IP as well as all the products related to Trainz are still owned by Auran (ITrainz, DLS, Source Code and Art source).

I would like you to all know that we are reading the forums as much as we can and are trying to keep you informed as much as we can, but the transition has been very quick which has made it very hard for the staff remaining behind. I think the key to helping Trainz survive the troubling time is to keep the community going. We are going to do all that we can to help you but if it looks like we are not listening we are, it's just a bit harder for us now.

I will personally try and chec the forums as much as i can over the next few weeks as it is christmas here.

All the best

Aidan Millott - Lead Programmer/Co-Producer - Trainz Team Auran
Thank you, Aidan, thank you so much for facing this and give us word of what's going on.

Best wishes for you all still on board. Simply do your best and we'll do the rest... ;)


Thanks for taking the time to update and please continue to update .
Possibly in a locked thread, 'Current condition of Auran Trainz', You, I am sure realize how important this info is to your followers, supporters !!


Thanks Mike,
An eye-opener. reading post like that you can see why our planet is the way it is.
As for this forum, I don't even consider the members as Aussies, Americans, Brits, Euros Etc., but International Trainzers and friends. (Apart from some two-faced persons revealed in this thread).
Although our lost buddies, however departed, will be sadly missed, this forum will continue, lets hope that Auran realises that we are their greatest asset.
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