Hi all
I am experiencing trouble with both 04 & 06 - I think it is a setting that has been flipped :eek:
When moving about in surveyor the compas s is verry jerky (yet has worked perfectly previous)- yes I am scooting about on untextured - but it used to work:(

Spec- Athlon Dual with 2g ram 9800 x card
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What maps are you talking about......importance depends on intensity of graphic requirements..........let us know.
Check that you don't have any unwanted programs/processes running.
This can cause a jerky compass because the other programs are eating Trainz's resources, kinda like someone coming into a private party and eating part of the food without being invited.
Do you also hear the PC working away and do you see a light flickering?
This means that the PC is working so that may be why the compass is working like that.
Like I said remove any unwanted programs/processes.
Other thoughts

Hi Waz,

Also check any anti virus systems. Some scan each item as it opens so this could cause jerky performance. The whole issue is not helped by XP running a number of things behind the scenes. Killing these unwanted programs also helps as Trainzguy suggested.

Anything new installed or upgraded? Have you done a systems check to make sure the wheels have not fallen off something?

As it is both 04 & 06 I'd rule Trainz out and look at the system side. Something isn't agreeing anymore. Of course, it could be a co-incidence and both 04 & 06 have gone south at once! (Not likely though)


Thanks for all good suggestions

Will try and implement and check

@ advance - will try and call

Thanks for help

Yes-- trap for old players - Turn stuff off in background - good solid advice

Hey Wazzer!

Here's a few things to check:

One of the things that helps is to kill the Antivirus, and Anti-Spyware programs before starting. I noticed that this makes a big difference in the performance of Trainz more than anything else because these programs are resource hogs. They're okay when browsing the web, or doing office-type stuff like email or Word documents, but sheesh! They consume thouse badly needed resourses that Trainz needs so much.

The other thing to check too is disk fragmentation. I use Diskeeper to defrag my disks, but the built-in one should work fine. This will definitely help Trainz load up objects especially in Driver.

How about system heat? I know you're now in your summer time down there. The heat will make your computer work harder, and the newer processors and video cards will throttle back their speed if they get too warm. Check your system for dust-bunnies and dirt, and make sure all of your fans are working properly. I've seen systems that would actually crash when they got too warm. The reason being the CPU fan was so clogged with dirt that the system actually would shutdown rather than damage the components.

Anyway good luck. Let us know what you find.

Disk Defrag

I find disk defrag to be quite a necessity when using any version of Trainz.

One of the many deterrants is that it can be a lengthy process with most systems. You might try a disk defrag software available at:www.auslogistics/disk-defrag.

Have found it to be quite reliable and relatively fast, and its free.